Age 19 – I’m thinking positively in every way in life. I’m living life with a joy


I am a 19 year old boy. I hooked to porn addiction at 2013 . In 2015 i decided to quit porn because porn addiction affected my life negatively. Every common things in my life became negative. I posted my journal in teen’s section of this site. I come directly on changes.

1. After rebooting I’m thinking positively in every way in life.

2. I living life with a joy..

3. Nothing special than friends and family in life I learned after reboot.

4. At last guys I am sad because I wasted 4 years of my life in this addiction. Please leave it. It is totally life negative thing.

Today I’m thinking about my 4 years which I lost in this darkness. I am very lucky person because I defeated this addiction. I realize difference between real life and virtual life.

What I did to reboot?

1. I meditated each and every day.

2. Played ground games like football.

3. Tried long yoga sessions.

4. I am writing my personal diary each and every day which helped me a lot

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