Age 19 – Increased female attention, men respect me, This shit is real.


Sounds like bullshit I know but hear me out. Due to nofap I get erections nonstop. I literally can feel the blood flowing in my body and what not. When I’m fapping and looking at porn I get less erections obviously.

Let me also say that at one point a couple years ago I thought my dick shrank because when flaccid it would be small. When hard it would be ok but not really all that big.

I’m saying I think my dick grew because when I’m flaccid my dick Is pretty normal and when I’m hard it looks big as hell. It may be my eyes playing tricks on me but hey it’s a worth a shot. I’m 30 days in btw

I’m 19.

I’ve noticed female attraction Increase I’m getting buffer in the gym. Like I can take off my shirt and feel good even though I’m slightly overweight. Men respect me. I can look people in the eye. I can sleep 5 hours and have a great workout. One time I went 24 hours with no sleep and had a 6 hour workout and did fine.

This shit is real.

LINK – Not sure if my dick grew or if I’m just that much more confident.

By LegendaryLoser