Age 19 – I’ve always been a shy guy but that is not a problem now


It’s been a year since the last day I look Porn and I masturbate even without imagination. I always been a very smart and nice looking guy. Or maybe I’m saying that because … I remember how girls approached to me in the school but for ”Some” reason everything changed or almost. I think when that changed was when I discovered Porn and masturbation.

This isn’t my first streak in fact this is a proof that NoFap works cause I remember when I fall in love whit a girl I usually don’t masturbate and don’t look at porn and I feel all the benefits of NoFap w/o knowing that this reddit exist.

Have I lose all the ”Benefits” of NoFap? Short answer NO. Because right now I’m at a point where I finally found myself. I know what to do if I want something and it’s fight/working for then, you will not get anything if you do not fight for it.

I’m saying that I don’t need NoFap Anymore? No, because NoFap give me the ”Willpower” for do and obtain whatever I always want and here are the benefits that I noticed:

• Gains in the gym (Everyone ask me what I’m doing diferently).

• A lot more confident.

• Some days I notice a lot of girls attention and some days not (This is not an important thing for me, not now).

• More charming and more friendly: I’ve always been a shy guy but that is not a problem now.

• My relationship whit my sister is now very special considering that we have never gotten along well.

• She (My sister) told me that I have now the bright of a child in my eyes.

I’m discover porn in magazines of my dad when I was a Kid (8-9) but only for curiosity. Began to be a problem when I was 15, in fact my first time Faping was to pornography. I’m 19 now.

This is mi first time writing a post in this community, in fact in reddit hahaha my English level is nearly B1 so don’t hesitate my bad spelling skills. I’m a 19 nearly 20 Latin guy (Hondurean to be exact).

LINK – Relapse after 120 days but was my choise + Proof.

by rijagrisa