Age 19 – I’ve started living normally, not running from every little challenge


Before I begin this epic tale of pain and success, one must tell the tale of his previous life

  • Horribly anti-social
  • You know the Mariana Trench? My confidence was lower than that!
  • Bad skin
  • Lazy

Those were probably the most pressing issues. Anyway, I discovered NoFap in about January of this year. In my first streak, a ~30 day one, I experienced a few benefits.. sort of. [My mied success] was down to constant peeking, and the odd edging session here and there. The second streak, a ~90 day one, was far more productive and only really dropped off towards the end (again, edging/peeking).

My skin cleared up (it’s not great but it’s A LOT better than beforehand), I became more confident, I started speaking properly, etc, etc (see more here). I relapsed last week Thursday, and though there were feelings of regret and sadness, I felt as though the impacts were not as severe as I thought they’d be.

So, my 7 day streak. It’s been good, I’ve been staying away for the most part (I swore an oath to God not to relapse/edge and I intend to keep that) but it’s hard. It’s not easy at all – breaking away from a crutch like pornography is very, very difficult. However, it’s VERY rewarding, NoFap makes you normal again. You start living normally, you don’t run from every little challenge and you feel healthy & alive.

So, tl;dr NoFap works, you just have to make it work. Also, don’t beat yourself up over a relapse. As Jay Z once said,

But I will not lose, for even in defeat, There’s a valuable lesson learned, so it evens up for me

I’m 19

LINK – A 7 day report

By gorilla1001