Age 19 – major improvements in my ED and anxiety


So it’s been 42 days since I have been doing hard PMO. So this is my first try and pretty good for 42 days isn’t it? Well what drove me to completely stop porn was the following:

  • severe erectile dysfunction
  • severe anxiety/depression
  • and the same reason as yourbrainonporn

So to describe the severity of my erectile dysfunction you could say that I was not completely hard during porn while the severity of my anxiety/depression is that I had to bring food all the time because even the slightest hunger will cause me to panic because I have fainted before due to hunger and it has traumatized me.

So my motivation is that I just want to be a normal person again who feels horny and can survive a period of having no food. During my 30th day I noticed major improvements in my erectile dysfunction and minor improvements to my anxiety.

Day 42 is the best day of my life since I was able to kiss my girlfriend for 30 mins straight because she couldn’t resist. (the attraction magnet is real in no PMO!!!) Me and my girlfriend had boundaries in kissing lips to lips. (yeah I live in a conservative country and I’m 19 years old btw)

Well that’s about it because of that long kiss my anxiety COMPLETELY disappeared (with the help of PMO for sure). Since we were cuddling for 2 hrs and 30 mins I was able to maintain a hard rock erection for the whole duration. (wow I didn’t think I would be this fast in recovering) So yeah living happily the pmo free life hope you can succeed as well.

P.S. You don’t need to hit rock bottom to start taking nofap seriously

LINK – Anxiety completely gone (day 42)