Age 19 – Mind blowing will power, better self control, confidence, deeper voice

After one year and one month of nofap, no porn or sexual thoughts I’m a different person from inside out. I have completely changed. My voice is stronger and more masculine. My brain is sharper. My social anxiety is non-existent.

I did not relapse even once i think nofap itself gave me the power. My thoughts are more powerful. My aura and presence is powerful (by observing others reactions i can tell)

On top of everything i have a mind blowing will power. I can accomplish anything that i set my mind to. I have better self control, confidence, etc. Meditation is deeper. Visualization is easier and stable. I can imagine anything in my mind which also makes me more creative.

I had social anxiety disorder and a nervous breakdown. I am a spiritual person. When i started my journey My goal was not mere nofap i had decided to become a complete bramhachari for 12years. So passing days had become relatively easier as i had already mentally prepared myself of sacrificing the pleasure.

But in the beginning urges are stronger so whenever urges came i instead of repressing them meditated on them and let the energy(chi) flow to higher Chakras. You must try this, once this happens you are suddenly exploding out of energy.  

Women look a little bit more interested in me because of my confidence and eye contact. My voice is really deep and has a resonance. So that too makes me a little attractive

But i still suck a little at conversations because I have been quiet for all my life. I know I can get good at this too. But right now I’m not paying much attention to it as I’m busy and focused on other things like career. I will improve my communication skills later on.

I started watching porn since i was 10years old and till 18. Now I’m 19 and porn free.

If anybody has any questions im here to answer. Get a grip guys. All the best.

LINK – One year experience

by ezio_shah