Age 19 – More confidence, hard erections

Successful w/ girls in HS, had many chances with naked girls in my bedroom between junior and senior year, couldn’t keep my dick up to have full intercourse. Took forever to orgasm from oral sex.

Started masturbating at 12 years old, started using porn around 14. Dealt with depression. I’m a 19 year old college freshman.

[b]While I was watching porn almost every night, and organisming to it I was:[/b]

-Very good at seducing girls and getting them in my bed

-Extremely charismatic, could make friends with everyone

-Had a “Idgaf” attitude, but not in a bad way -Was gaining weight, overeating and not working out

-Was rude to people that cared for me

-Couldn’t hold a strong, hard erection for more than 45 seconds

[b]When I started NoFap, I dealt with:[/b]

-Deep Depression

-Flatline, no erections even with sensation (edging)

-Extreme Laziness, fucked up my grades and didn’t care

-Disgust, couldn’t look myself in the mirror

-Approach anxiety, couldn’t talk to or look anyone in the eyes, afraid of conversation

-Tired all the time

[b]I haven’t watched any porn, masturbated, or busted a nut for 50 days so far and some of my observations include.[/b]

-Morning wood here and there on some mornings

-3 Wet Dreams in the last 50 days

-A fuller/stronger dick, not as dead, gets hard with light stroking, feels like i’m about to cum in like 10 seconds.

-Got extremely hard after seeing a girls nipple on Iphone FaceTime

-More confidence in my abilities to abstain from something harmful/stick to a routine(Committing to working out/Staying away from junk food. Doing HW etc)

-More willing to have real relationships with not only girls, but people in general

-Getting my personality back

-Kicking ass in the Gym, and loving my body

I don’t know when I can start having sex again, or how to test how much progress I made, but I’m staying far away from the porn for sure!

LINK – 50 Days of NoFap! 

by nofappermane