Age 19 – More energy, confidence and female attention

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Learning how to walk, kissing my first girl, going off to college. All of these are milestones in my life, but for none of them will I look back and appreciate them as much as my NoFap milestone. 90 days ago I was a porn addicted loser who was so scared to do anything and fapping was how I coped with the emotional pain I faced in my life. I was seeing signs of PIED so I knew I had to make a change in my life.

Benefits I have noticed:

1. Increased sense of self confidence and self worth. I no longer feel guilty and shameful of myself.

2. I have developed a swift shoulder shrug, kind of “fuck it” attitude. And what I mean is that things that used to bother me or get me down, now have no penetration against me as I shrug it off.

3. Energy levels have increased tremendously.

4. My workouts have improved because of #3 and I have gained noticeable muscle mass.

5. Female attraction. Now I know this is a hot topic on this sub, but for me personally I have seen a lot of female attraction over the summer. My theory is that girls see the new sense of confidence that we possess and they like it.

6. My PIED is certainly not cured, but I am regaining my factory settings each and every day.

7. My mind is not always on sex. This is a big one for me because I used to PMO to get my mind away from sex even though ironically I was doing the opposite.

8. One of my favorite benefits I have seen is that my conversations with girls are incredibly smoother than before and I have less anxiety about approaching a new girl for conversation.

I truly feel like I am living the way I am supposed to be living as a man. One of the biggest contributors to my success was 100% cold showers. Yes, they will suck. They will make you want to die right there naked in the shower. But they build up your mental fortitude and make you more comfortable in uncomfortable situations. (develops the “fuck it” attitude)

I’m 19 in college now. I started PMO when I was 13 and did it pretty much daily for 6 years. It was rough.

NoFap has been an incredible journey for me and I am certainly not done, nor will I ever return to fapping to porn. I want to thank all of you for your comments, your posts, and your support for everyone on this sub. You guys are awesome. As for you all in the beginning days of your NoFap journey, stay strong and Keep on Truckin!

LINK – 90 days hardmode, Life is beautiful

by keepontruckin0