Age 19 – More energy, Feel manlier, I am more attractive

I wanted to tell you some interesting things that happened to me after I quit PMO for a few months. Although I quit P for good (YEAH!!), I still find a bit of trouble with M, but I found some amazing effects of stopping P and M (I only did it 4 times!).

1.  YOU GET MORE ENERGY: That’s right, nothing feels worse than the weakness after masturbating.  If you don’t masturbate, you feel full of energy (which I used to hit the gym!).

2.  You feel MANLIER! Yes!  When you don’t use porn, you feel a lot more confident, trust me! It’s gotta be an up in testosterone or something.  When I’m off porn, I got the confidence to look at pretty girl in the eye and smile back!

3.  YOU ARE MORE ATTRACTIVE!!!  Yes!  I know there is a not a lot of science behind this one, but I’m here to tell you it actually works!  In the past week, I got countless smiles from really attractive girls (way more than usual)!  And, I find that when I’m not on porn, regular girls look prettier than they do before.  Their smiles, man!  Quitting porn is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!

LINK – What quitting PMO for a few months did for me!