Age 19 – Much more confident, getting more compliments, more outgoing


First of all, I would like to talk about how my journey with NoFap started. Back in September-October 2016, I stumbled upon NoFap. At first, I was skeptical, but with more research and what porn actually does to our brain I thought to myself that I wasn’t addicted to porn at all, but I would still challenge myself.

I started in October 2016 and lasted 47 days. At this point, I realized some things. First of all, I wasn’t doing this challenge like it was suppose to be done. I was looking at revealing images and videos and I allowed myself to edge which consequently led to relapse on day 47. I stopped the challenge back in 2016 and never returned. After this, I was a little depressed. I kept asking myself was I really addicted? Until one day, exactly 3 months ago from this day I found myself lurking on the subreddit to see how things were going. I told myself I would try again, but this time I would take the challenge seriously and not allowed myself to watch porn or edge. Because that ruins the point of the challenge!

Honestly, I’m so happy I started this challenge because, with the knowledge of the mistakes I made at the last attempt, I was much stronger in this attempt. After around 50 days into the challenge, I realized something, which helped me gain this success on NoFap. The key to success with NoFap is to pretty much keep yourself busy. I cannot stress this enough. Have no excuse to masturbate, because you’re busy. I can give some examples of what I did: it could be walking instead of driving to school, going out with my date more often, chilling with friends, attend to all parties invited even though some of they may be boring. I just sought out any opportunity to get out of my house. Because I knew, if I stayed at my house the whole day I would have ridiculous urges, and that happens to all of us.

TL;DR The key to success with NoFap is keeping yourself busy. Nuff said.

Many of you will probably ask what NoFap has done to me, what are the benefits and I will explain really short: I feel much more confident and I have been getting increasingly more compliments. I am a much more outgoing guy, which could have been the reason I got my first flirt. I have made a post about it here. Basically, I met this girl at a party and interestingly enough this was 2 days before I started my NoFap challenge. We made out, but nothing serious happened and funnily enough, she didn’t accept my facebook friends request. However, after one week (I was on day 6 at this point) we hooked up at another party and we became increasingly more friends and we started going out on dates. Now I don’t wanna say NoFap did this alone, but I’m sure it did have an impact on it. However, these benefits/superpowers are a great deal and rewarding, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you should focus on. Also, these superpowers don’t come with NoFap it self, but also what you do about it. Don’t expect to be a new man by just sitting behind a screen for 90 days with masturbation, because that’s not going to change anything. You need to get out there and change your life if you’re not happy with it. I will admit that NoFap didn’t change me much because I was a pretty confident guy before the challenge. However, NoFap helped me stay even more motivated and get out there and do much more than before.

To break it all up: My journey with NoFap has been interesting and difficult, but if you have the willpower you can accomplish anything. Learn from your mistakes, just like I did back in my first attempt with the challenge.

With all this said, this will also be here where I say my goodbyes. You guys have been amazing. This community has been awesome and I really hope the best for you all. Keep going strong brothers!

Link – Day 90 – The key to success with NoFap + my experience

by Jaycelicious