Age 19 – New me, new job, PIED gone


Have you come to this subreddit to change your life? Most of us have, and we all come from similar backgrounds. Stressed out, poor sleep, poor diet, acne, depression, PMO addiction, PIED, the list goes on! ALL of us have, at some point, faced your symptoms. And most of us want to help you! This is my story, and it offers the value of how it can help you in your life, on YOUR journey.

I found out about NoFap nearly 2 years ago. Long story short, this is my longest streak, 40 days longer, so you can fill in the blanks of what has happened these past two years.

Finally I had enough. Finally I was sick of wasting my sexual energy on pixels on a screen; of women I had no emotional connection with; of continuously elevating to more shocking and disgusting porn that made me feel hollow inside; of objectifying women and sex. Finally I said “No More!”, I couldn’t continue to live like the sad, lonely, and hollow person I was.

I was dead serious this streak. I would not have anything other than success. I was DRIVEN to my goal. I had a BURNING DESIRE TO REACH IT, or to the death with my dreams. I WOULD BE SUCCESSFUL or I would die (metaphorically).

The urges came, of course they would. For what is deserving in life that doesn’t come with a price? The price was instant gratification, and the reward was “a better me”.

Well was I wrong. I have not become “a better me”, I have become THE BEST version of myself that I have EVER been! Obviously I read what superpowers come about, but reading them and living them are not even remotely similar.

The confidence I have, the feeling of power, the mental clarity, the sense of self worth, and the happiness I have ALL the time, is nothing like I would have ever imagined.

Approaching girls is so enjoyable to me now, I DREAM ABOUT IT. I would live in the club if permitted. People react to ME, not the other way around! I’ve become so much more present to my everyday life, I can literally see the unhappiness and dread in everyone’s face. I can look in someones pupil and see their emotions, I can feel their energy. Never did I ever believe in all that Wu Wu stuff until I actually lived it. I can feel, and crave, the polarity of female energy. Its like an adrenaline rush when I talk with a gorgeous girl, not dread and anxiety because I have an agenda with her.

I got a job as an insurance agent with a prestigious company, solely on “your charisma, and your demeanor in front of people.” I’m making more money now than my mother, and I’m 19.

So how did i do it? How did i overcome an addiction that the equivalent of a heroine addiction? A BURNING DESIRE. I would have rather died than be the person I was. Sad, alone, depressed, and disgusting. I cant believe I WAS THAT PERSON. I wanted nothing more than to become what I was not. To step out of my own skin and into “that confident guy”. Well now I am him. And you can be Too.

[How’s your PIED doing?] What’ that again? Oh yea, THAT thing. Hell I forgot it was a problem.

[Withdrawal symptoms?] I have my flatline documented. I absolutely felt totally horrible. I felt worse than before I started NoFap! I don’t know if I would even consider them withdrawal  symptoms. i thought I was asexual. 0 interest in women entirely. I guess some withdrawal symptoms I experienced were intense cravings, and porn dreams. I promise you, the way you felt in the beginning of your streak, is the way you’ll feel all the time, but better 🙂

[5-day fast?] I felt like shit. All I wanted was food. It was like I had a mild form of the flu. No focus, so dizzy and confused. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I would dream about  eating food and wake up more hungry. I smelt like a cadaver. My tounge was all white. My hair turned into rope. And my shits….. (ohmygawd they were awful awful awful).

But it all got better, day 3-5 I felt intense bliss and happiness and presence to the world. I felt incredible. And the moment I ate food, I’ve never tasted anything better in my life. Absolutely  indescribable how good it tasted. After my fast I felt awesome for awhile. I felt clean and energized. The feeling still lingers, but not as intense. Definitely something ill do again. I learned so  much about my self and so much discipline.

Some Tips I Recommend: On my journey, these tools and tricks helped me the absolute most.

*Creating a NoFap Journal. Journal nearly everyday about your mood, experiences, and significant events. This helped me immensely through the flatline, looking back on the previous emotions I had.

*Stop Fantasizing: Dont even for one second fatasize about scenes you’ve watched, or actors your familiar with. It leads to horrible urges, and creates for a poor streak. Just rid your mind of that pollution.

*Your brain will try and convince you its “OK”, “just one more time”, “its not even worth it”. YOU ARE NOT THAT VOICE. That is the voice of subsiding addiction. Let that voice go, like a bubble in an infinite realm of bubbles that is thought. Just observe this thought and DO NOT interact with it. IT IS NOT YOU.

*If the urges are very strong, move from wherever you are and immediately distract yourself. However, be cognizant of WHAT you distract yourself with, as a habit can be formed this way. I would go into super cleaning mega awesome overdrive and go rekttastic on my house until it was spotless. Not what you have to do, but a suggestion. If you decide to do a not-so-productive substitute, interchange it for something else the next time the heavy urges come. (e.g. if you watch TV to conquer an urge, next time take a shower, hot or cold, or cook dinner)

*Read and meditate. I don’t have to explain this, you already know. Just flipping do it.

*Socialize with humans. A great distraction, great for your brain. Weed out bad influences.

*Eliminate other bad habits. I started this during my flatline. It sucked so why not make it worse! I went for a 5 day fast to rid my body of garbage (ohmygawd this was ridiculously challenging). I now am actively ridding myself of all the garbage in my life. Sugar (huge one), unclean foods, caffiene, poor friends, drugs, alcohol, television, and gaming. I feel amazing now that these are gone, however, sugar and unclean foods are another challenging addiction to conquer in and of itself. I do not recommend doing these all at once. Seriously, it sucked for awhile. I am very dedicated to my goals and success (now), so I started them all together. Its been 30 days without all and it was very difficult to start. Add one in slowly to your life.

*Eat Clean. In my mind, the most important thing to do in your life other than NoFap. This helps so so so so so much, and I feel unlike I’ve ever imagined. For diet guildines, I recommend “The New Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson. Excellent, excellent book.

Book Recommendations:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The New Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

What Every BODY is Saying by Joe Navarro

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

YOU have the power to change yourself. YOU can be the best you can be. YOU are in the driver seat of your own life. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!

I will end with a very inspirational quote by B.C. Forbes, founder of Forbes Magazine:

Your success depends on you.

Your happiness depends on you.

You have to steer your own course.

You have to shape your own fortune.

You have to educate yourself.

You have to do your own thinking.

You have to live with your own conscience.

Your mind is yours and can be used only by you.

You come into this world alone.

You go to the grave alone.

You are alone with your inner thoughts during the journey between.

You make your own decisions.

You must abide by the consequences of your acts.

“I cannot make you well unless you make yourself well,” an eminent doctor often tells his patients.

You alone can regulate your habits and make or unmake your health.

You alone can assimilate things mental and things material.

Said a Brooklyn preacher, offering his parishioners communion one Sunday: “I cannot give you the blessings and the benefits of this holy feast. You must appropriate them for yourselves. The banquet is spread; help yourself freely. You may be invited to a feast where the table is laden with the choicest foods, but unless you appropriate and assimilate them, they can do you no good. So it is with this holy feast. You must appropriate its blessings. I cannot infuse them into you.”

You have to do your own assimilation all through life.

You may be taught by a teacher, but you have to imbibe the knowledge. He cannot transfuse it into your brain.

You alone can control your mind cells and your brain cells.

You may have spread before you the wisdom of the ages, but unless you assimilate it you derive no benefit from it; no one can force it into your cranium.

You alone can move your own legs.

You alone can move your own arms.

You alone can utilize your own hands.

You alone can control your own muscles.

You must stand on your feet, physically and metaphorically.

You must take your own steps.

Your parents cannot enter into your skin, take control of your mental and physical machinery, and make something of you.

You cannot fight your son’s battles; that he must do for himself.

You have to be captain of your own destiny.

You have to see through your own eyes.

You have to use your own ears.

You have to master your own faculties.

You have to solve your own problems.

You have to form your own ideals.

You have to create your own ideas.

You must choose your own speech.

You must govern your own tongue.

Your real life is your thoughts.

Your thoughts are your own making.

Your character is your own handiwork.

You alone can select the materials that go into it.

You alone can reject what is not fit to go into it.

You are the creator of your own personality.

You can be disgraced by no man’s hand but your own.

You can be elevated and sustained by no man but yourself.

You have to write your own record.

You have to build your own monument – or dig your own pit.

Which are you doing?

“Keys to Success” by B.C. Forbes, published in 1917

LINK – Are YOU capable of success? Here’s how I changed my life. A Report from Day 50

By Hoesieden