Age 19 – No brain fog, more gains from the gym, people respect me and want to be around me


I’m 19 years old and I just graduated high school and never really got to be happy in life. I was so depressed and had suicidal thoughts as well. Even though I recently relapse for the first time after 4 months I am still the same person when I reached the 2 months. So here are a list of benefits you COULD get from NOFAP:

  • -Attraction from girls (YES ITS REAL)
  • -More Energy
  • -More Sex drive -Become aroused in sexual situations
  • -Smile more -Confidence
  • -Faster weight loss (from my experience)
  • -Motivation
  • -People respect you & want to be around you
  • -Better sleep schedule
  • -Better clarity
  • -Lucid dreams (Look it up on Google or visit the subreddit)
  • -More muscle tone
  • -Better looking eyes
  • -Attract more positive people
  • -No longer have awkward silence in one on one situations
  • -A better sense of life.
  • -More ambition
  • -Better work ethic
  • -Passion
  • -motivation to find love instead of just a hookup or FWB
  • -No longer have depression (from my experience)

This is the benefits you get from NOFAP. Note; I have done daily meditation, changed my eating habits, and also went to the gym daily So you can’t expect all of the things to happen just because you don’t masturbate. You have to replace that TIME with something that can make you a better person.

LINK – Benefits I have noticed

By ChazVlogs17