Age 19 – No longer a kissless virgin


 If I was to go back to the beginning of the summer and tell myself that by the end of it I would no longer be a kissless beta virgin who is dating the girl he has been dreaming of for the past 2 years, I would never in a million years believe it, but that is the reality I am living right now and it’s because of NoFap.

Within the past 2 weeks, I have gone from being a kissless virgin to getting my first kiss, losing my virginity and getting my first girlfriend all with my crush that I have had for the past 2 years.

Now I’m not one to believe in these mystical NoFap super powers that magically make you an attractive sex god to women, but I do believe that because of NoFap I have had a huge confidence boost and been able to make changes in my life that all led to this point. It definitely has not been an easy 72 days but im aiming for 90 days and up.

Edit: since this post is getting some traction i thought i should share the post that really helped and motivated me to get on my current streak.
Number 33.”NEVER say no to doing something that will get you out of the house, no matter if you think you won’t enjoy it” has become my new life motto and I stick to it all the time now.

The kiss was around day 60, and the sex was 3 days ago. Even it being an awkward first time the intimacy was far better than any PMO session I have ever had in my life. The circumstances are a little complicated, but to sum it up we met 2 years ago a community event and have been seeing each other infrequently for the past 2 years but we always where just friends/acquaintance. I developed a pretty big crush on her and just let it sit for 2 years, only growing more fond of her the more times I saw her.

Then when I saw her 2 weeks ago at a birthday party I decided to say fuck it and go for it and we ended up making out. The thing that really hit me the most was that she told me that she had been waiting for 2 years for make a move on her, that really goes to show that sometimes you just need to say fuck it and go for it.

Nofap made me realize that I always chose to not go for it because I knew for a fact what the outcome would be even if it wasn’t what I wanted, it was familiar. But why live my life in familiarity when I could go out and get what I do actually want.

I don’t want people to think that just because I quit Porn I became this irresistible stud in this girl’s eyes, what it did do was help me become more comfortable with my self and more confident and willing to put myself out there for what I want.

I’m 19.

LINK – First Kiss, First Time Having sex and First Girlfriend

By zackdomhall