Age 19 – NoFap shaped my life to be so much better than before these 61 days.


Honestly feels like a really long time since I started this journey but damn, it was a really bumpy ride thus far. The goal for this post is for me to help motivate some people who were just like me, so they can too see what superpowers will come their way.

About me: I am currently 19 years old. Started PMO at 13. Turned into a daily habit. In grade 9-11 I pmo’d almost every single day, multiple times a day. I was really socially awkward, impulsive, had severe brain fog, really lazy, loved video games. Nonetheless, I was considered really attractive (physically) since I was always fit from sports and the gym.

I had 2 girlfriends in the time. Lost the first one due too being too much of a pussy. Second one because I was way too horny, and was using her for pleasure without taking into consideration of her feelings. Afterwards I became a sex addict, affecting the relationship I had with females. Tried NoFap for 3 months in grade 12, but went back to it after i relapsed. Was never really addicted to P, but more MO. Fantasized about past experiences and etc while M.

What made me reboot: I was tired of being emotionally unstable. I was tired of objectifying every women I ever came across. I was tired of being socially awkward, and hated my social anxiety. I was tired of having brain fog and being lazy all the time. I wanted to better my life. My penis was really insensitive. Couldn’t really O from girls, which affected my sex life

My reboot this far: The first few weeks were really bumpy, as I was getting used to the real extent of my emotions. Flatline was really depressing, one of the lowest periods of my life. After 50 or so days, I began having sex and damn it felt amazing. My confidence increased but I noticed some super powers diminishing the more I released my load (breakouts and laziness) but everything else subsided.

The benefits I noticed:

  • social anxiety is gone
  • women are instantly just attracted to me
  • after a few weeks of semen retention, random people will just come and talk to you
  • people just love talking to you
  • more of an emotional connection with people
  • sharper mind
  • easier to fall asleep
  • harder and bigger erections
  • sex game is a lot better (my previous partners can’t get enough)
  • a lot more confidence with what life brings your way
  • days feel longer
  • hair and skin improve (semen retention)
  • motivated to get shit done
  • more masculinity to you (more men respect you)
  • grounded

Honestly, NoFap shaped my life to be so much better than before these 61 days. It honestly worth it if you’re not satisfied with how your life is right now. Just fight through the flatline phase and once you see a couple of the benefits, it’ll be easier to resist relapse.


LINK – Day 61

by BigCheese