Age 19 – Now I feel that I can do anything and I am not trapped by PMO. It is like magic

It’s been 109 days for me and I’ve been planning to write something here for many days.

TL;DR: Use the counter badge. It helped me much!

I’d been masturbating for like five years. I decided to give it up to stop being obsessed about sex, to do something different in my free time, to be less tired and fatigued. I was feeling very sinful with my PMO addiction. I tried to end it many times, although it never lasted as long as now. Sometimes I lasted for three days full of edging and then relapsed. Sometimes I couldn’t prevent my hands from going there and masturbated even ten times a day, despite the fact that it didn’t give me any pleasure anymore.

One day I heard about NoFap and quickly forgot. But few months ago, this spring, I recalled it and went back here. I read successful stories and felt that I was not alone. It was really helpful to see that others share the same struggle. But it was the counter badge that helped me most. The thought of the counter being reseted always made me abstain from masturbating. I thought “It is not true that nothing bad will happen if I do it. I will have to reset the counter and everyone could see that”.

And then it followed. During the first week I couldn’t think about anything else. If I was home, I was thinking only about fapping. I edged a little bit, but didn’t give up completely. The days seemed so long and the urge was horrible, I thought i wouldn’t be able not to fap. But after few days, I noticed that I am not so tired anymore, my eyes got more vivid (yes, really!) and I didn’t think about sex all the time.

Now I’m here, after 109 days and the urge seems really far. I cannot even imagine reseting the counter down to 0. i went too far to return now and it is easier and easier to keep going (in case of troubles, I can always think of the counter!).

Stay strong guys, best wishes!

I am 19. After 100 days of NoFap, I can say that I stopped being tired every day, it is easier for me to focus, I exercise more, I feel like I have much more time that I can spend pursuing my passions. And when I’m waking up in the morning (no more sleeping to 12), I think there is really much awesome stuff to do. Before NoFap I felt like every day was going to be wasted. Now I feel that I can do anything and I am not trapped by PMO. It is like magic, but it really works and I enjoy the life much more!

LINK – Thank you, NoFap!

by savedman