Age 19 – Nowadays I find myself looking into the mirror and saying “Who is this guy, He seems so happy, so confident.”


Now this isn’t your typical 90 day report “OH I can fly! I can touch the sky! I got laid by 300 girls after joining nofap” because this is an over-exaggeration of NoFap. A bit on myself: I’m a male college student, late teens who began fapping 3 years ago. Unlike some, my porn tastes didn’t really escalate to extreme stuff like shemale or other things of similar nature. It rather escalated to things that are slightly more taboo such as anal.

I’m usually a creative person but fapping took away a lot of my time due to my high sex drive. This caused me to suffer academically and socially as a result. Besides, watching these videos didn’t really click with who I am and what I stand for. With that reason, I knew I had to join NoFap and see for myself. Best decision of my life! Here is the report.

Confidence, Creativity and depression restored:

Hard work shows, and it has reflected in all aspects of my life. My confidence is off-of the charts and this is no exaggeration. I have suffered with self-esteem ever since I could remember and my social skills have been pretty much non-existent until this point. A girl loved me, she told me she loved me, she showed me she loved me but I did not believe her because I didn’t love myself. I felt ugly, stupid and like a nuisance.

Now 90 days since I started, I walk on the streets like I own them. I interact with girls not because I just want to sleep with them, but to actually get to know them personally as friends or potential future partners! (Strange right?). I began working out and can see my six pack abs forming nicely. My voice isn’t really deeper as I naturally have a softer voice. My sensitivity has been restored since the third week of nofap. I feel like I have a purpose in this world. I am passionate to learn new things, to discover the world for what it is. Sure I may feel horny all the time, but I use that energy on other things that deserve my attention. I picked up my old 3D modelling skills which I am now using to build my own indie game like I always wanted to. I am more passionate to write programs and creating new ideas to bring to this world. I feel like I am my own bill gates. I appreciate everything that I have and for the first time in my life: I appreciate myself. Nowadays I find myself looking into the mirror and saying “Who is this guy, He seems so happy, so confident, I want to get to know him” because it almost feels surreal. I feel sexy and I love it. I want to give love to world. I may not have become a millionaire but I have found something worth more than anything in this life. Love.

Now here is where it differs from the rest… Though I do advocate for NoFap and I encourage everyone to do it, I don’t quite believe some of the mentality that has been shown frequently on this subreddit such as “there is only one way to solve a problem” or my favourite “Do this or you’re not one of us” type of thinking. Sounds kinda culty huh?

If there is one thing that NoFap and its wonderful community has told me is that you have got to chart your own course and stick to it, No matter the squalls. Set your goals and commit to them. I have been through a lot of downfalls during my NoFap reboot with school and other life matters and I realized that fapping your problems away does not work since this was my primary go to plan if things went wrong. Short term pleasure is fun sure, but it will have long term consequences and will NOT solve your problems. You need self control in your life to achieve many things and NoFap is a great start. Not everyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic and not every fapper is addicted. As for me, Self-control has been regained and now I face problems as they should be: Like a man. You may disagree with me now, but as a guy who is in their late teens, I love self-pleasure without P. I don’t need P. As somewhat of a hedonist, I strive for sensual pleasure and really can’t see myself denying self-pleasure as a lifelong thing if I’m honest. I need to work on myself and find out what I like before working on other people. NoFap has also brought something to my attention that I never saw before. Which is that I may not be as straight as I thought I was. Whether I’m just horny or somewhat bi-curious is something that I need to figure out if this who I really am. PMO has hidden this secret away from me, NoFap has brought it to light, and now I must find the answer that I seek. I feel like I need to explore my sexuality if that makes sense. Thank you to everyone on NoFap who made this journey incredible and fun. Thank you to everyone who was with me through pain, tears and confusion. Thank you, NoFap for your continued dedication and I wish to talk to you all some day.

For those on NoFap and are struggling, I have one advice for you. You have got to chart your own course and stick to it. Only you can save yourself from PMO. Trust me, you ALL have it in you and you always will. In the end, It’s all worth it minus the cult-like stuff 😛 Oh and feel free to downvote…

tl;dr: NoFap is a step in the right direction into getting self control back.

LINK – 90 day report- Chart your own course and stick to it.

by NinjaGuitarist117