Age 19 – One year: My life has improved immensely since I quit.


My nineteenth birthday is today, and my eighteenth birthday was the last time I rubbed one out. Thanks to the leap year, my 365-day dry streak landed on my birthday! This process wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I slowly decreased my addiction over the two months leading up to my birthday, and it helped me a lot. Two months before I quit, I stopped using porn altogether, but kept masturbating almost daily. The month before I quit, I slowly backed off from once a day to once a week. I cranked out one last one on my birthday, and called it quits for good.

My life has improved immensely since I quit. I’ve become much more confident, my grades have improved, I’ve gotten a good internship along with my now larger class load, I sleep better every night, I met a great girl and lost my v-card, I can stand up for myself and come out on top in all my confrontations, I’m taller now (but that may not be related), my general outlook on life is better, I have an easier time handling my ADD, and much, much more.

To those of you just getting started, the first three weeks were by far the hardest. Giving up gets you nowhere, but if you do fall off the nofap horse, get back on it. This journey’s well worth it.

Best of luck to everyone.

LINK – Long time lurker, first time poster. As of a couple minutes ago, 365 days clean.

by yearnofap