Age 19 – Over the course of thirty days I’ve become a new me.

A little bit of background.

I started fapping when I was 10-11 years old. I’ve masturbated twice/three times a day over the span of 9 years (I’m 19 currently). Over the course of that time, I’ve gone on small porn breaks, knowing that watching porn and masturbating every single day is not healthy whatsoever, but I could never find the willpower to abstain from PMOing for extended periods of time.

Well, it turns out, that PMOing for that long of a time really does hurt you in the long run. Because I was masturbating so much, the desire of pursuing women lessened and lessened until I was at a point that since I wasn’t interacting with them anyway, I let masturbating be an escape to fulfill my sexual urges. Now you can see why over 9 years why I still have yet to find myself in a relationship with another woman.

It was thirty days ago where I was sick of everything. I hit the lowest of the low. I was never really socially awkward. I could make new friends, get good grades in classes, workout here and there, and make people laugh easily, but being sexually active with another woman was something I had yet to experience. All my friends seemed to be happy in relationships and talking to different types of girls on a weekly basis, and there was just me in the corner… watching everyone else. Of course there was a multitude of other things that bothered me, but I felt myself too weak to change anything about it. I often told myself, this is the way my life is supposed to be, you’re destined to become a lonely virgin with qualities a female would never be attracted too.

Fuck that. Fuck that 100%.

Don’t let anyone tell you can’t be the person you want to be, or accomplish the things you want to achieve.

Not even yourself. Ever.

Repeat that to yourself every time you feel like relapsing.

I was sick of being this way, so I decided to try nofap after wandering about this subreddit.

My life has never been any better.

Over the course of thirty days I’ve become a new me. I’ve joined a multitude of different clubs, meeting women everyday. Ive been working out 3-4 times a week. I can hold conversations with people that just flow NATURALLY instead of being nervous on what to say next. I’m confident and given less fucks. I can go up to women and be more direct and assertive. I’m reading more, something I never did in the past. Ive picked up yoga, which really calms my mind down and makes me feel great.

I still have yet to find myself in a relationship, and honestly, thats quite alright, because I don’t need to be in one to fill that void. I’ve realized these past thirty days that I am worth more than I tell myself.

And you are too.

Every single day where you choose to not relapse, is a day where you are too invested into becoming a better you.

And thats enough to keep me going.


LINK – 30 day report.

by Turkishturnip