Age 19 – People seem to catch a positive vibe from me


Holy shit, you guys. I was honestly in doubt when I first started nofap. I was constantly doing PMO, to the point where I even missed class because of it (i’m a college freshman, cc.) But every time I hit the end of a month, it made my urges stronger, but my willpower even stronger.

To say the least on day 90, I am so much happier, I made so many new friends in my classes, and people seem to catch a positive vibe from me!

Even better, when I first started nofap, I was seriously out of shape, 185 pounds at 5’9″. That was as of November 11th, today is March 29th, and I am now 155 pounds, building muscle every day, and have been going to the gym everyday since, missing a couple of days but working hard the next. My stats have gone up so much, and my grades are following in suit.

I don’t know what will happen when I reach one year maybe, but for now, I am extremely happy with my progress.

i’m 19 rn, and I was just tired of the usual shit I was doing and wanted to change myself before this summer starts, I usually looked at nsfw subreddits and to this day, I can’t even view em anymore

Nofap really does give you superpowers, not physically, but mentally. Thank you, /r/nofap.

LINK – Day 90 report!

By jerseysavage22