Age 19 – PIED gone!


Alright, so English isn’t my first language so there are bound to be some errors in this text. I discovered this subreddit 2 years ago, and my streaks never went far, until my current one. I really struggled to commit to it, since I’d always convince myself that “This NoFap thing is probably bullshit, just go ahead” and I would end my streak right there.

That was until I met a girl on Tinder, and I couldn’t get it up. We were together probably like 5 times and it didn’t work a single time. A lot of you have probably tried this. I bet this is even the reason a lot of you are on this subreddit. I’ve watched porn every single day since I was 13, and i’m 19 now.

Anyways, since this was so embarrassing I became more determined and finally made it to 90 days. No looking at porn, no masturbating. How did I do it? I quit looking at this subreddit. I almost forgot about masturbating. Yes, really. If you keep looking at this subreddit every day you’re gonna think a lot more about the fact that you can’t masturbate. Since I quit masturbating and reading about it, it wasn’t part of my routine anymore. And it was honestly SO FUCKING EASY!. I also deleted all of my “NoFap” apps on my phone. Of course I had urges, but honestly it wasn’t too bad. In the past I would always keep checking on this subreddit, thinking it would give me more motivation. But really it just reminded me of my urges. We are all different, maybe checking this sub works for you, but it sure didn’t for me.

Did my confidence rise? But, not to humblebrag or anything,I didn’t feel like i lacked confidence to begin with. But back to my ED, did these 90 days fix it? YES! I met another girl a couple of weeks back and had no problems. As long as I relax and try to enjoy the moment, I’m not getting any problems. I’d really suggest trying this if you have trouble getting it up. This is not going to give you superpowers, you aren’t going to have threesomes and become a CEO because of 90 days without masturbating, but I do believe it’s healthy to challenge yourself in different ways. One thing I do notice, is that I perform better sexually. I’m able to make my girl orgasm by penetration now, this could just be a coincidence though. (Maybe my current girl is just able to orgasm more easily? Worth trying though)

Don’t tell yourself “Meh, I’m not even in a relationship right now”. Think forward. If you meet someone in a year, you’d wish you started RIGHT NOW. Anyways this is my shitty process report, I just wanted to give back and tell you what you can expect at the end of the 90 days. Ask if you have any questions. 🙂

LINK – 90 days – My experience (ED gone? Boosted confidence? Superpowers?)

By throwaway_9889988998