Age 19 – PIED issues appear to be vanishing. I am more attracted to my girlfriend now than I have ever been


I am 19 years old. After being single for 1.5 years, I began a relationship with a wonderful girl about 3 months ago. It’s all going great and then we try to hook up. I discovered I have terrible ED and couldn’t even come close to PIV sex. I discovered YBOP, read about resetting, and immediately quit watching P and MOing. I started a 30 day streak of nofap and was in a flatline from day one.

My ED did not improve significantly in or after the 30 day streak. I was frustrated and had terrible blue balls from repeatedly seeing my GF with no release, so I started MOing without porn about 3 to 5 times a week for 2 weeks. Still had ED issues. My erections were always at like 55-75% whether they were from morning wood or with my GF.

I started nofap again little over a week ago and after about 4 days noticed my morning wood erections were around 90% and felt more horny in general.

Last night marked another approx. 10 day streak of nofap. I hooked up with my girlfriend, and was honestly expecting my usual ED. But it’s like a switch was flipped. My erections were rock hard and we were able to have great sex last night and this morning. Finally having sex again reminded me how much I love it; I was at the point where I mostly avoided sex since I knew I would have ED.

On top of beginning to recover from ED, I have noticed that I am more attracted to my girlfriend now than I have ever been. I am positive that this is a benefit of going porn free.

No more porn for me!

TLDR; After about 60 days of no porn whatsoever and a couple of nofap streaks, my ED issues appear to be vanishing.

LINK – PIED Progress/Success Story

by Alertbobtum99