Age 19 – PIED much better, easy boners


I started masturbating at around 9-10 years old without realising really what it was but I knew it was sensational, similarly I also moved onto high speed internet porn from 12-17 years old and around 15-17 used to edge for 30 mins – 1 hr to increase the orgasms.

Later got a girlfriend and unusually had no problems getting blowjobs. However, first time we tried to have sex I had absolutely no desire for it at all and my dick was limper and smaller than even normally, so my research began but I couldn’t find anything about PIED.

So I all brought it down to stress, performance anxiety and overall mentality. We were still trying to have sex and I was still PMO’ing without knowing the harm. I would get about 3 blowjobs a day and still masturbate 2-3 times more to porn DAILY.

Then one day we went on a New Years camping trip which forced me to go without PMO for a couple of days, and after a few drinks I was feeling ‘normal’ and we had successful sex multiple times over those days. But when back home I still had trouble occasionally staying erect and putting on condoms etc.

Then once we broke up (toxic relationship) I was excited to have sex with another girl and brought one home, to my surprise I was again limp even though i was having consistent successful sex with previous gf. This was last year february and was when my friend introduced me to [no] PMO.

Ever since then I’ve been much better, not attracted to porn anymore, easy boners when kissing/ touching girls, no more PIED as long as I dont PMO for at least 1-2 weeks. Still on the road to recovery but definitely million times better

I’m 19. My attractions heavily changed from porn and masturbating to actual feel


By skuxy18


Can feel myself coming out of a month long flatline, dicks been rock solid pretty much all day and have intense urges to fuck but none to jack off, thinking about sex feels like how I first thought of it before PMO, seems so natural and real and wonderful