Age 19 – Playing international sports, learned Spanish, uni of my dreams


During 2016 I got into the University of my dreams, I started playing in national and even some international Badminton tournaments and I met so many amazing people whilst travelling around North and South America. I also learnt to speak Spanish almost fluently.

This is what NoFap does, it shows you the amazing life you can live. I hope you will all join me on my journey of not fapping in 2017. I may even begin a Youtube channel to talk about my progress etc.

In 2016 I discovered NoFap and reached two 90 days streaks and a 55 day streak, it has been an amazing year. But I want to better myself and go a whole year without fapping. [I started nofap due to] depression, social anxiety, bad skin, not being able to approach women.

I’m about to hit age 20.

 LINK – I promise that

By nachoman45