Age 19 – PMO made me lazy, more anxious than I should be, and incredibly shy around women


I can’t believe I am here, but today is my 90th day PMO free. 4 months ago, I thought something like this happening to me was impossible. January 2016 is when I really dedicated myself to it because it was taking a heavier toll on my life than I initially thought. I wanted to live life PMO free then where I wouldn’t be lazy or socially awkward.

Like what Ewan McGregor said in Trainspotting (movie can be triggering), “Now I’m cleaning up and I’m moving on, going straight and choosing life.”

PMO made me lazy, more anxious than I should be at times, and incredibly shy around women. When I began my “Thousand Day March” as I like calling it, I easily was able to be more social around women, even getting some phone numbers. No date or relationship yet, but I have a strong feeling I’ll be there by the time the new year rings in. I believe that these “superpowers” that boost your general energy and confidence with the preferred gender from being PMO free do exist. I’m very happy that my life is taking a turn around for the better.

The “Thousand Day March” isn’t just a NoFap thing, I also use it to be healthy. I cut off fast food from my diet, began checking my calorie intake daily, and working out at the gym. I have lost a significant amount of weight because of it and I won’t stop anytime soon with these healthy habits.

Strategies I Made To Combat PMO:

Whenever I caught myself looking at P, I immediately decide to do some exercises

I deleted my P collection from one of my flash drives

You can do it, don’t give up. You can be free from PMO.

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BY –  Earl Sweatshirt