Age 19 – Q&A with 1000-day NoFap Jedi

Q: What finally got you to say this was the last straw?

A: I was masturbating for 5+ hours every day and hadnt even realized it until I timed myself.

Q: 3 top tips?

A: Cold Showers, create a mantra to recite when you feel urges (I like the litany against fear from dune personally), and have a nofap buddy.

Q: Previous outlooks/ perspective?

A: previous outlook was grim. I thought I was hopeless.

Q: Current outlooks/ perspective?

A: current outlook: IM A FUCKING JEDI.

Q: What help most with making progress on the outlooks and perspectives?

A: I had an IRL friend who was doing nofap with me and we really helped each other out. if you can’t get an IRL friend to do this with you, find someone who wants a partner on the sub. MAKE A POST. trust me there is going to be someone out there who sees it.

Also, keep your mind off the urges until you dont get any more urges.

Q:1000 days of hard more….Did.. did you just reject all female encounters?

A: Nah. I’m not that masochistic. I’ve just been so busy with school and other shit over the past three years that my free time is limited to about half an hour a day unless I dont have classes.

Q: When do the flashbacks go away?

A: Honestly I don’t know it they ever will go away. My PTSD is not as severe as that of veterans but IIRC a lot of WWII vets that got PTSD got flashbacks all the way into their 70’s and 80’s.

Q: How did your life change?

A: I gained a LOT of self confidence and energy, my grades improved, and I started performing better when playing competitive video games. thats pretty much the gist of it.

Q: Did you have brain fog?

A: I have noticed my mind is “clearer, more awake and concentrated”.

Q: When during the journey is it helpful to pay attention to this Reddit? When is it best just to focus your attention elsewhere? Do you consider yourself a porn addict?

A: it is incredibly important during the first 90 days. the rest of the time you can focus your attention elsewhere. I was not addicted to porn per se, but instead just PMOed for about 5 hours every day until i started nofap.

Q: did your voice get deeper, did ur penis size grow bigger, any physical changes? any superpowers?

A: voice did get deeper, gaining muscle became easier when I worked out, and yes, my dick did get bigger. I’m a literal Jedi now.

Q: How do women and girls respond to you now compared to when you were fapping?

A: much more positively, mainly because I come off as more confident.

Q: 15 year old here. I’m losing motivation towards nofap. What drove you to thrive for success?

A: I wanted to be free from an addiction that controlled me for years. it took a lot of willpower but I realized that it takes many attempts at first to succeed. keep on trucking, and lemme tell you, success will find you.

Q: Any tips on distracting yourself or fighting urges ? I am struggled and have binged in the last few days.

A: COLD SHOWERS. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. plus its good for the skin so you will have baby soft skin in no time!

Q: When did the difficult part end for you?

A: difficulty today is negligible, but the difficult part ended around 90 to 100 days. some people have less trouble as early as day 30 though.

I think if i hit 5000 days like the other super fapstronauts I get precognition and the ability to warp reality. until then Im just a regular Jedi.

Q: What habits do you develop ?

A: Absolute control over your libido. I literally can WILL AWAY AN ERECTION.

Q: Did you find meditations/breathing techniques is a must with this practise?

A: I practice Qi Gong and it really helps.

Q: Do you even desire sex at this point? Are you at least looking at women? Anything?! 🙂

A: I do have a sex drive, but I have it under complete control now. I’m an extrovert actually.

Q: How much did you peek at porn?

A: a bit before 30 days but after that i blocked the sites on my router.

Q: Do you have wet dreams? Have you had your testosterone levels checked?

A: I actually have normal testosterone levels. at this point I simply have a lot of mental control over my libido. yes I have wet dreams but that is a biological process over which no man has conscious control.

Q: What helped you get through this addiction and last 1000 days?

A: I set up a support network with my family. that really helped. I also had access to the emergency button on the nofap sub so that helped a lot.

Q: what did you accomplish that you reckon would’ve been impossible without NoFap?

A: I can literally will away an erection if I get one.

Q: what are your top 3 most helpful tips for avoiding relapse and your top tip for urge surfing

A: avoiding relapse: if you feel an urge, take a cold shower or splash your face with cold water. MEDITATE ON YOUR GOALS AND INTERNALIZE THEM. have a buddy who is there for you to avoid relapse. as for urge surfing, find things that get your mind off the urge to PMO.

Q: How many times did you attempt NoFap before you got to 1,000 days?

A: twice. failed at 15 days first, then broke the 90 day barrier the second attempt.

Q: How do you take your mind off the time

A: I read a LOT of books. I started to read a book or so every single day to keep my mind off of other shit. at one point I was reading about 700 pages every day.

Q: Did you ever have deep depression?

A: not really. the closest thing to depression was some melancholy around 100 days.

Q: How many wet dreams? Physical changes?

A: I lost track of how many NEs I had because there were MANY before day 100. as for physical changes, My voice got deeper, and it became easier for me to gain muscle. also my skin stopped being so oily.

Q: when did the saturation curve kinda get to its point and make you feel like you stopped progressing/improving? Or is it always a continuous improvementl?

A: around 100 days for me is where it really started to plateau. However, urges still continued until around day 600 but thats different for everyone. I still feel improvement to this day.

Q: what’s the most empowering belief that you have which helped you to remain focused for 1000 days?

A: Freedom from the shackles of PMO. I became addicted to the actions that I went through and it took me over a year before I started to have less urges.

Q; What do you attribute your success to

A: consistent application of willpower and access to the nofap panic button. that panic button saved my ass so many times.


I’m 19, and was using online porn since I was at least 14. I started nofap when I was 16.

LINK – Tomorrow I hit 1000 days without PMO. AMA.

by 8bitmadness