Age 19 – Reduced anxiety & depression, More confidence, Eliminated brain fog, I can think clearly and articulate myself way better


I actually made it 90 days without PMO. I am very proud of myself because at first I didn’t think I could last this long. The urges have been intense at times but so far I have done a good job in avoiding the temptation to fap. Sorry if this is a long post. I just got off of work and I am pretty tired right now. Here are some of the benefits I have experienced so far in my streak.

1.) Confidence

I have experienced amazing amounts of confidence on my streak. I have been able to have conversations with girls and other people with ease. I am able to make direct eye contact with people now and I don’t feel bad about myself.

2.) Eliminate Brain Fog

Honestly, before I started my streak I was fatigued and couldn’t think clearly after I PMO’ed. Now, I can think clearly and articulate myself way better than when I was PMOing every week. I can remember my dreams almost every night now. Before I started my streak, I could maybe recall one of my dreams every week.

3.) Reduced My Anxiety and Depression

NoFap helped me to reduce my depression and anxiety. I started to realize that my addiction to fapping has prevented me from actually facing my problems. When something bad happened in my life, I just fapped.

When my streak started getting longer, I had to actually start facing my problems head on instead of just numbing myself. My anxiety and depression isn’t gone, but I am starting to find ways to manage them.

4.) Time Management

I became more aware that I was wasting 3 or 4 hours a week watching porn before I started my streak. That ticked me off, because I could have been using that time to do something creativity or meet new people. I actually started to read more, exercise more often, and hang out friends during my streak. There are many times in my streak that going to martial arts prevented me from PMOing.

There are many other benefits that I experienced during my streak that I didn’t if they were placebo. For example, I experienced increased attention from girls. There were many times that girls were flirting with me. This was very surprising to me because sometimes I wasn’t even trying to get their attention.

I became more religious during my streak. I started to read the Bible more often when I got the urge to fap. I, also started to pray more to God. I know not everyone is religious but this helped me to fight off the urge to PMO.

Tl;dr Nofap works! I think that doing hard mode is a good idea at least for 90 days. But I understand that everyone is different. One of the big keys for me during this streak was trying to keep myself busy working, exercising or hanging out with friends. When the urge came to my mind, I would try to think about how awful I felt after PMOing. That kept me from relapsing.

Good luck trying to beat this addiction everyone. We can all beat this addiction.

LINK – I made it – Day 90 Report!

by Redlegs1869