Age 19 – Satisfying sex with new partner, anxiety gone

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This story is for anyone who doubts the benefits of nofap for your relationships and sex life. This story highlights a huge cut in anxiety, increased sex drive, and increased attractiveness due to NoFap.

A close friend and I decided to start nofap about 2 months ago, and have went through a few cycles of relapse. I am now on day 35 which is much longer than my previous streak of 6 days. This story happened on Day 35.

At about Day 15, I matched with this really cute girl on Tinder (not a common occurrence for me & also don’t use Tinder often). Didn’t think too much of it, so I messaged her telling her she’s cute and cracked a joke about her bio.

One thing led to another, went from texting to Snapchat and when talking to this girl I felt making quality conversation was 10x easier than before r/nofap. I was able to EASILY flow the conversation with an appropriate amount of teasing.

I’m a pussy (or used to be) about escalating with girls, so it took a while for me to ask for her to hang out. To my surprise, she accepted with excitement even though she lives over an hour away from me.

She came over really late, and I decided we should hang out in the park even though it was almost midnight and she didn’t care. I was able to talk to her without anxiety, and keep her attracted the whole time (something I have never been able to do). We left the park at 4am after talking endlessly on a bench and we ended up having sex multiple times into the next morning.

I can credit NoFap for this amazing experience because before NoFap I would’ve had so much anxiety that I wouldn’t have made a move, I probably wouldn’t even have invited her over, and I would not have been able to have such satisfying sex with a girl that was that beautiful.

tl;dr – had no anxiety on late night date with girl and was able to escalate to having sex, multiple times, thanks to nofap.

LINK  – Day 35 Report, something amazing happened.

By infinitytheparadox