Age 19 – Sexual confidence back, NoFap definitely works.


I went 64 days without porn/sex and I remember how much more enthusiasm, motivation and courage I had. It was a really eye-opening time. I’m on the 11th day of NoFap now, tbh girls have always liked me but now i’m on NoFap it’s crazy.

Ok so I work at a college, but a couple of weeks ago I started working in reception for the hair and beauty department and i’ve been hit on so many times it’s just silly. I’m a good looking guy and I do get hit on every now and then but me being miserable and not very sexually confident bc of porn addiction usually kills off any interest, but since i’ve been working in hair and beauty.. honestly it’s just silly.

Girls endlessly ask to do their shift on reception so they can talk to me with no other girls around, they get annoyed when I leave their classrooms because they want me to stick around and talk to them, the ugly ones are starting to hate me because I keep talking to the hot ones more than them.

But for me the one that’s really suprised me has been these girls that keep popping there head out and looking at me and I got told that they think i’m “SO HOT!” by my boss and that i’m “causing quite a stir” so looks like i’m in a position where I could be getting laid with some seriously hot girls, but some of that HAS to be down to my streak.

I’m starting to feel clear headed, like I could do anything and that life is awesome like I did on my last streak. But I feel horny and I feel sexually confident again. All this stuff is coincidentally in sync with my new streak. I know you could just disregard what i’m saying by saying it’s because i’m a hot guy in a competitive female environment, you could say girls would hit on me regardless etc..

But that’s the thing with NoFap, you can dispute it all day long, you can deny that it works a million times. But deep down, you just know it works.

This is where i’m at now, I could give into the urges and say that I don’t need nofap, but I just know that it”s working, and that I would hate myself if I gave in, i’m in a situation that I might not be in again, ever. So it’s important I keep this streak going.

LINK – NoFap is starting to do it’s thing again!

By b3yourself


About a week ago, I relapsed after going a month and a half without porn or sex. That period of time was one of the most life changing experiences. Something happened during that period that I’m experiencing the aftermath of still even though I’ve fapped on and off for a week since.

My perspective completely changed. I saw the flowers and trees and nature on my walks and it all seemed so beautifully natural, listening to the rain fall against the window felt.. perfect. Emotions where stronger, music made me feel connected with the artist, I felt so much love towards my brother and my mother, I knew that we all made mistakes and we should all love each other. It hit me that family is a beautiful thing. I guess this was because I was feeling more intimate bc of no sexual stimulation. I was so happy, I was feeling so sorry for people when they told me bad things had happened to them. I looked at young people like me and felt so much guilt that I wasn’t more social able and full of energy like they where when I was in college a year ago.

I just had so much LIFE. I didn’t even nessarily always feel happiness during the entire streak, but feelings, colours, imagery.. it all had the volume turned up by a million.

I can chalk these feelings down to this, the lack of porn made me feel more sexual energy, it made me more driven. I then led a more productive life, I got rid of my PlayStation which was a big step for me, I unplugged it and had intended to sell it but never did. I became more connected with the world around me. I had decided to try and speak to everyone and create relationships with as many different people as I could, as we are all equal. Instead of getting sexual and emotional stimulation from media, I got the REAL endorphins that came from people and nature. I was so much more motivated to speak to people.

I bought two books and read them both, I took cold showers to give me a shock in the morning to wake me up for the challenges ahead, I was smiling and cracking jokes, which I never did before, everyone for years has said that I always seem like I don’t give a shit about anything other than video games and movies and music, people never interested me for years, I became disconnected, this changed during nofap, but now I’m fapping again I feel no desire to speak to people again. I HAVE to get another long streak going. This is my life and I can’t live it fully when I’m draining myself of sexual energy and giving myself a shit ton of brain fog.

LINK – NoFap definitely works.

by Impun1ty