Age 19 – Social anxiety dropping

Well, first of all I should say that english is not my first language so there can be mistakes,misspelling etc. It has been a while since I started Nofap. I was a senior in high school and trying to get ready for university exams. I tried nofap 4 times and always failed when I hit 30 days. On my birthday, I was lonely and sad probably depressed but that day I wanted to recover. I wanted to find myself and fix the problems in my head. I had girlfriend issues that made me emotionless. I had friends but I didn’t trust them even though I knew them for 8-10 years.

Now, I have changed myself a lot. I moved out from my parents and now living in a different city for university. I live on my own in an apartment. Started to workout to let the energy go away. I’m now confident way too much that I haven’t in my whole life. I started to meditate for calming my anger.

Unfortunately, I’m on a hard mode. But this is not something that I chose, something that I realized I deserved much better. I can tell you the differences all this people can say but you guys all know it.

For the beginners, just stay in there brother don’t let your body to control your mind. You guys all deserve the best person but to be with the person like that you should invest in yourself. Just I want you guys to realize that all your time and energy can be spent in a different way instead of sitting in front of a computer and seeing women fucked by different men with different fantasies that are not real.

I hope that this post can have an effect on somebody to stop the urges, depression and anxiety. One drop of good deed can create more. I’m sending respect and love to you guys.

I’m 19. I have seen that I’m looking people’s eyes instead of being shy and when I was PMO’ing, can’t resist the urge of looking girls asses and boobs, right now, I only look for an eye contact and I don’t see girls as objects. They are human beings just like us all they want to feel is the connection. Thanks for your congratulations. Take care.

LINK – Not a hero just an another person who shares the same journey

by jacksandkings