Age 19 – Successful reboot after about 56 days. Had mild PIED.


Before: Mild PIED and couldn’t get hard enough to orgasm with gf. Literally couldn’t even get the condom on properly. It would always take a hard grip to get there and finishing wasn’t satisfying at all. It felt forced and, though I am very attracted to my gf, it felt as if her presence wasn’t doing anything.

Researched and found NoFap. I highly doubted this subreddit and the concept of NoFap but I gave it a try.

The Journey: A few peeks at porn (<4 times; all were short 5-10 min sessions) but absolutely no MO for about 56 days. There were ups and downs and loads of mood swings – sometimes spoke rudely to people and felt depressed. Rewiring with a partner helped me so much. Gf was super supportive and tt kept the love part going strong. Libido never really died, probably because I kept in constant contact with my gf. However, it was low during the 3-4 weeks. Planned to get to over 60 days but luckily was able to visit gf earlier than expected (long-distance).

Success and aftermath: Was able to get rock hard with gf and size felt larger/lengthier. O’d 4 times (not lying!) with her in the span of a day. Felt absolutely amazing. After rebooting, I feel a better sense of connection with her, magical. No longer tired and tied to PMO – smell of freedom and individuality everywhere.

I feel like the biggest factor, aside from the main process of abstinence, is rewiring. Definitely felt like it sped up and increased the rebooting effectiveness. I’m not sure if I would encounter the same positive effects with anyone other than my gf though. Cannot guarantee or recommend surely for people who have casual sex and one-night stands.

Though the journey was rough, I now feel a sense of great achievement and will never go back to PMO, ever. All of what I said may sound outrageous to you non-believers, but trust me, this is all truth. Thank you, NoFap. There are no words I can come up with to thank NoFap, but I shall give back to the community by answering every single question, newbie questions or expert questions. Please, ask away!

Edit: Flair inaccurate, not 51 days!

LINK –Successful reboot after about 56 days. Had mild PIED. AMA!

by rjhunter28