Age 19 – The benefits of NoFap, including changing me from an introvert to an extrovert


I felt like putting together a summary of all the things that I noticed change throughout my streaks (and change back when I relapsed). Sleep- My sleep seems to dramatically increase in quality when I am on a streak, needing 8 hours to feel well slept and usually going on less without a problem. Without NoFap I would feel like a zombie after “only” 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping in very often. Needing at least 10 hours to feel somewhat human.

Brain Fog-

After fapping I would not be able to get anything done even when I tried. Also I would have a tendency to just forget things I was about to do from one minute to the other. Like walking out the house to find myself not knowing why.


(Now this is very extreme for me) While on PMO I would lose motivation for almost everything. Things like working and going out to shop, but also very simple things like cooking, doing dishes, showering, changing clothes, getting up from bed. While during NoFap I don’t only not have an issue doing these things but I would come to enjoy them. And find it very easy to go out and start doing new things.


My voice would change from rather high-pitched and weak to full and strong. During PMO people would often not hear me when in groups. And feel squeaky when raising my voice (still barely being heard). Also it would crack up a lot, as if still in puberty. On NoFap it dramatically changes and feels like a force to be reckoned with. Often commanding full attention in groups when speaking up. And being easily understood even across distances.


On NoFap I do things I would usually not, like go up to a girl and just talk to her. Even when I’m not all that interested in her romantically. Just to try it out and see how it feels. While on PMO I would never dare go up to a girl I don’t know. Nevermind talking.

Summarizingly I want to add that NoFap changes me from an introvert to an extrovert. Also these changes all occured in my first month during any given streak. I can’t say what comes after, as I’ve never even reached a full month so far.

But these changes I rapidly experience keep me coming back, no matter how often I fail. And everytime I come back I come back stronger.

I mainly wrote this for myself as a reminder, but I hope it can help some of you who might only be getting to know NoFap. Never give up.

LINK – The benefits of NoFap

by YdraTV