Age 19 – Trying for 3 years, finally free


It kind of spooks me a bit to look at that number [302 days]. I’ve been trying for so long, trying to get free of this addiction. I feel like I’ve made it, but I’ve only won the battle. A war still has to be won. The last six months have been pretty interesting,

I’ve been getting better grades at College in my assessments.  I’m getting stronger from going to the gym… Almost everything seems to be constantly getting better.

To all those struggling. You can do it. I relapsed countless times before I was able to break free. It’s been close to three years (August 2013) since I started trying to stop. Keep fighting, you’ll make it too.

I started the Gym way before this streak… I’ve been working at it around 3~ per week, day on, day off, etc. Pretty average diet tbh. However I have quit drinking Coffee / Drinks high in sugar, etc; I drink just water now.

[Questions: How old are you ? Do you notice any changes in your facial appearance? such as less sleepy eyes, more sparky if you will.. Are you still in a flatline? Did you have sex since you started..]

1) 19. 2) I’ve started taking care of my skin more, so it’s hard to tell, however I feel less tired (As most people report) and my happiness is reflected in the smile I give to most people! 3) I was in flatline for a while…. Probably the second month mainly, but it came back every now and then. 4) Almost back in February, that’s a story for a different day ahaha…

LINK – Checking in. 302 days.

by TheMopMan