Age 20 – (1 year) I’m becoming more ambitious

it’s been 365 days of hardmode, I remember making the 90 days post about not seeing myself here at 365 days but shit, here I am.

This is my third streak of NoFap. I’ve always had discipline, I suppose I’m a bit masochistic so I derive pleasure from not indulging.

This was also the problem I had with masturbation, I felt guilt over my fetishes, which is fetisches of discipline.

I’ve learned a whole lot of stuff from abstaining. But I guess the best part is I’m becoming more ambitious and I have more grandiose thoughts than before, I don’t feel like a chump.

I’ve been playing with the thought of masturbating maybe 1 time a week?, but what the fuck is the point.

We have an idiom where I am from “Hungriga vargar jagar bäst” Direct english translation would be “Hungry wolves hunts the best”

So stay sharp, stay strong. I don’t have anything else I want to share with your right now. But if you have any question, do post.


I’m 20, and I completely agree with using porn is risky. That is also a reason not to fap without it because you’ll get bored with it and then you’re back to porn, voila!

I started using pmo at the age of 11, I remember though as a youngster 4~7 years old, watching music videos containing extremely good looking women that aroused me and also watching TV Shop with the fit models.

I’ve read that the childs brain around year 9 will determine what sexual orientation and taste they will prefer, and I remember the video that made me crazy for blondes lustful grin.

No I don’t have any potential sweethearts at the moment, but I’ve set a goal to get at least 1 before 2015 is over.

LINK – Lift-Off ~ 365 days, Sharing some thoughts…

by DeepWithinMySoul