Age 20 – 1 year – Stopping PMO was the best decision I made in the past year.

1 year ago today I got serious about quitting porn and masturbation. Prior to finally quitting I struggled with wanting to stop looking at porn and masturbating for about 2 or 3 years mainly for religious reasons. I discovered nofap and really started trying to take it seriously, but still struggled for probably a year and half.

Sometimes I thought it wouldn’t be possible and remember seeing guys with the 1+ year badges thinking no way. Here I am today, and will say stopping PMO was the best decision I made in the past year. A decision I had to make almost every day. I wouldn’t say I have any major “super powers” but I am certainly a much healthy individual socially, spiritually, and physically. I know I would not be anywhere near where I am today had I continued PMO.

Thank you so much NoFap I don’t think I would have quit if it wasn’t for everyone’s posts and encouragement on here. Really NoFap is what helped me commit to this 100%.

I have a whole lot thoughts about what helped me stop and how I’m changed, so AMA and I’d love to encourage you through my experience.

I am 20, I turn 21 on the 31st of August. One of my main motivations in quitting was that I did not want to go into my twenties still jacking off to porn. I can now say that I left it behind in my teenage years.

My relationship with girls used to be pretty nonexistent. Was nervous and didn’t know how to talk/interact with them. Today some of my best friends are girls. Really its unbelievable, I’d say its mainly due to my confidence and not really carrying that “guilt” anymore of having jacked off last night, maybe even to a girl I know, and trying to talk with her the next day.

Its so so freeing.


LINK – 1 Year of Hard Mode Today!

by Jblasta