Age 20 – 15 Benefits of NoFap and Quitting Pornography

NoFap is becoming more popular as the days go on. A few years ago not many people knew about it. Now I truly believe NoFap is almost mainstream. I didn’t believe the hype at first either, but here are the 15 benefits I have experienced, and I have seen countless others report. (Read entire blog post)

Please realize that not everyone needs to stop masturbating completely. Not everyone experiences negative side effects from it. It’s the excessive porn use that’s the problem in the first place. However, many  people benefit from NoFap, and quitting has shown them a new way of living life.

15 Benefits of NoFap and Quitting Pornography

1.  Increased Testosterone. According to one study your testosterone levels rise in the first week of abstinence and then slowly go back to normal. This is just one study so that means if more studies were done we might see that the rise in testosterone becomes your new baseline level. A few guys have had bloodwork done while on NoFap and they reported levels much higher than before. I definitely felt like I had more testosterone when I was doing it.

2. You’re no longer a slave to watching porn everyday. This is important because many guys have a daily routine that includes them masturbating multiple times. A lot of these guys are literally addicted to pornography and don’t even realize it. Eventually you won’t feel the urge to watch porn all the time. If you have a serious addiction, you will feel great when you no longer have to use it everyday.

3. Increased Motivation. Almost everyone who has done long streaks has reported a general increase in motivation. This could be due to a number of factors but I definitely noticed this too. I felt like I could accomplish anything I set my mind too and was happy with the journey I was taking.

4. Lowered Social Anxiety and Increased Social Skills. This is one of the most common effects guys report when quitting pornography or doing NoFap. Perhap it has to due with your brain rewiring and not getting so much dopamine from porn use. Now in everyday life guys experience less anxiety and behave in a prosocial manner. I’ve seen countless posts on reddit/r/nofap of guys saying they had severe social anxiety before and NoFap almost made it completely vanish.

5. Increased Confidence. This is similar to the last one, you no longer feel nervous, and you begin to feel confident in yourself. Jerking off drains you of that energy that you can use to talk to people. I have also experienced great confidence boosts when doing NoFap.

6. More time in the day to do other things. Now that you don’t spend 3 hours a day watching porn you can use that time to improve yourself or work on something. Many guys spend countless hours searching for “just the right video” to get off and that can really burn through some time. Instead of jerking off you could hit the gym, hang out with friends, work on your hobbies, etc.

7. Increased Sex Drive. This is fairly obvious. If you don’t jerk off your sex drive will likely go through the roof. I’ve experienced this and so have many others. Your body will crave a release and you can use that to talk to women instead.

8. Your attraction to real people will be much greater. Instead of filling your urges will digital women you can actually find a lot of pleasure talking to women like I said in #7. Many experience a feeling of strong connection with people that they didn’t really care about before. They start to appreciate the friends they have and the people around them.

9. Your sexual tastes will not morph into crazy fetishes (if they haven’t already). As we all know standard vanilla porn tends to get boring. People move on to more hardcore videos and scenes. Some people go from watching two girls kissing, to beastiality and rape scenes. I’ve read many posts on NoFap where guys went from watching straight porn to transexual and gay porn. If that isn’t a reason enough to stop I don’t know what is. I’m not against gays, but for a straight person to watch that, it is pretty extreme. If you keep it up you might end up only being able to jerk off to that specific fetish.

10. You might get a deeper voice according to many NoFappers. Maybe this is due to increased testosterone or increased confidence, but I’ve experienced this too. After I watch porn I feel weak and less assertive, on long streaks of NoFap I feel the opposite.

11. Makes you actually want to talk to women. This is similar to #8, you no longer have the chance to get a release from fapping so now you need to find an actual person to do that. Many guys feel intensely motivated to chase after women because they realize this. Sexual energy is very strong and if you stop yourself from fapping you can use that drive/energy to go after the woman of your dreams. Before NoFap a lot of guys reported never have the balls to talk to girls. They claimed that they simply were too nervous or simply not motivated. NoFap can be a great tool to get yourself out there.

12. Curing Erectile Dysfunction, or Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED). If you haven’t heard of it PIED is something scientists are starting to recognize. More and more young guys are reporting erectile problems than any other time in human history. Guys in their teens and twenties (in their sexual prime) can no longer achieve erections. The one variable that changed everything was high-speed internet porn. Before men would jerk off to playboy magazines, now little kids now have access to hardcore videos at anytime on their phones and laptops. Their brains are exposed to things they never would have imagined without porn. After years of jerking off to porn, when it comes down to have sex with a real person, they fail miserably. To cure PIED or prevent it you need to stop your porn consumption. There isn’t a specific timetable to be cured but be assured that with some effort it can definitely happen.

13. More energy. I experienced a large increase in energy throughout the day on my streaks. I would wake up in the morning horny and feeling alert. I didn’t feel that afternoon grogginess that a lot of people experience. You can use this energy to work on other avenues of your life.

14. You’ll get more looks from women according to many people who’ve tried noFap. I’ve noticed this phenomenon as well, and I honestly can’t figure out why this happens. Some guys claim that it must have to do with pheromones. Women apparently are more sensitive to the smell of a man and can pick up on it somehow. I don’t know if I believe that is the explanation but anything is possible. I think it might have to do with the fact that many guys start to take care of themselves more. They start to dress nicer, groom themselves and workout, which of course will attract more women. Additionally, many NoFappers walk with better posture and more confidence which also might contribute to the looks they get from women passing by.

15. You’ll be able to hold strong eye contact, without averting your eyes like a scared puppy dog. This has to do with the decrease in social anxiety. Many people with social anxiety have problems looking people in the eyes. I never did, but I did notice on noFap that I felt a strong need to look everyone in the eyes. I could glance at a beautiful women across the room and hold eye contact like a boss. Some idiots claim its creepy to stare at a woman, last time I checked thats how you see if she’s interested. If she holds eye contact and smiles there is your green light.

Some of these benefits might seem like they’re too good to be true. I can assure you that you’re not missing out on anything if you give up porn. I mean honestly you’re not going to die if you miss out on watching a girl getting rammed by three guys. All you need to survive is food, water and rest; pornography is not one of your life essentials. All I can say is to give it a shot, you can’t honestly refute these claims unless you’ve tried it for yourself. I didn’t know if NoFap would “work” myself, but I can truly say that I experienced all of the benefits above, excluding the PIED because I never had it. Good luck with your goals, and use some discipline to say no to porn if you really want to change your life.

LINK – 15 Benefits of NoFap and Quitting Pornography

by Ryan