Age 20 – 2.5 years on NoFap: What I Want To Share With The Beginners

Long story short, 20yo, PMO from 11-17, it was a very strong addiction for 3 years, discovered NoFap when I was 17, never could’ve guessed that porn was bad before that.

Been lurkin’ on this sub for quite a while, read many awesome things here, and above all, have this feeling that we’re all one big community, even brotherhood, sort of.

So, through this journey, I’ve learned a lot of things. And I mean A LOT. About NoFap, PMO addiction, fitness, meditation, cold showers, general self improvement, flirting, seduction, sex and what not. But it took me really a lot of ups and downs, a lot of failed attempts at things, a lot of relapses, a lot of mistakes. So, here I wanted to share some advice for beginners, to make it easier for them, and to give them a concise list of advice to follow to improve their lives in general.

  • Visit this sub a lot Here you can hear the words from people in similar situation as you are, you can read advice from veterans, ask for help or clarification of something, and of course, share your own story with us. Also, you can read about the benefits, which really is a good motivation sometimes.
  • Start working out NoFap will leave you with a lot of energy, that you’re either goning to burn, or you’re gonna go crazy. Jogging, gym, bodyweight workouts, sports… whatever is your thing. Also it will benefit your health, looks, confidence, give you a chance to socialize.
  • Kick other shit out of your life One of the main superpowers that NoFap will give you is clarity. The ability to see things clearly, without brain fog, and not from a diabolical perspective that PMO puts you in. Use it to identify your other problems. Don’t replace one addiction with others. Try to quit/reduce gaming, smoking, drugs, alcohol, TV, internet, junk food.
  • Fix your nutrition This goes very well together with working out and reducing junk food/sugars. Drink 3l+ of water a day. I also recommend intermitten fasting and paleo diet. You will start feeling like a beast after few days. Of course, do your research, and do what works best for you.
  • Socialize We are social beings, and no matter if you are introverted or extroverted, you need to socialize. Hang out with your friends, or make new ones. It will also allow you to have exposure to female company, which is, IMO, very important for recovery from this specific addiction.
  • Give your career/education a boost Your brain will clear up after a while on NoFap, you will gain confidence and energy (especially if you start working out). Use this to become better at your job/hobby, or to get better grades/gain more knowledge if you are still in school. It is a much better investment of your time, rather than trying to get to a higher division in LoL or something like that. Spending time every day on something serious and useful such as your job or your education will improve the quality of your life in general.
  • Read Simple as it sounds, yet very powerful. A lot of good self improvement books were recommended on this sub, but I also suggest that you find your topic of interest, and start reading about it. This goes very well with the previous tip, because the additional knowledge from reading can seriously improve your skills at work, make you an expert eventually, and it can really open a lot of new opportunities that you were not aware of before. If you are still in school, no matter what level of education, additional reading can really set you apart from rest of the people, help you get better grades, and make your education much more meaningful.
  • Cold showers Just try it. Next time you shower, for the last two minutes use the coldest water possible. Be a man and stand through discomfort. When its over, step out of the shower and observe how you feel. You’re welcome.
  • Meditate Okay, this is for you hardcore motherfuckers. I’m personally trying to add this to my routine, but its really hard to make it a habit. Benefits are amazing anyway. If you are a total beginner in NoFap, don’t bother if you can’t meditate very well at first. This is not a total must, but I suggest you try it.
  • Say no to fantasies This one is very hard, especially at first. Fantasies can lead to relapses. They can really slow your progress. They also mean that you are not busy. So get busy with something! The most dangerous ones, in my observation, are the morning fantasies. Morning wood + fantasies is a NoFap No No.
  • Don’t seek out triggers There are tons of sexualized content everywhere, and you will be tempted. But, don’t let your scumbag brain unconsciously lead you to them. Oh, let me see what pics has this girl posted on instagram. Oh, let me watch that music video that I know has lots of nudity. Oh, let me google hardcore pornography, just to see what happens.
  • Don’t obsess with numbers Yeah, its nice to have a counter, and it can be useful and motivating. But seriously, this is not about days. We are not competing for the highscore here. You are competing with your self, for a life without addiction.

So, this is mainly what I wanted to share. I’ve seen a lot of new people around here recently, and if this helps only one of them, I’ll be more than happy. Feel free to ask any questions, or add something.

LINK – 2.5 years on NoFap – What I Want To Share With The Beginners

by alfa_phiter