Age 20 – 377 days: Did Nofap, got superpowers, lost virginity

I had a lot of bad habits like playing video games, not exercising, not getting shit done, being a lazy fuck, flunking school, etc… When I started Nofap, I was 19. It was a decision i took because I was going on my 20th birthday and I was still a virgin.

I used not to care and not stressing about this but as my 20th birthday was getting closer, I thought “What am I doing with my life ?”. I felt like I wasn’t in control of my life and that I was “passive” looking for things to happen. I decided to start Nofap after reading some .pdf thinking this could help.

I never relapsed since. Nofap is a life changing habit. In my personal opinion and according to my readings about energies, chakras etc. By fapping you make your vital energy go away. This energy is your drive, your masculinity, your confidence, your ability to do things. When you don’t fap, you can feel this burning desire to achieve at the low of your stomach. This is amazing. That is a subjective idea and I do understand some people would not agree on.

Concretely, here is what happened since I started Nofap a year ago.

  • Getting shit done (this one is huge)
  • Waking up earlier with that burning desire to do stuff
  • Stopped smoking pot (I did not used to smoke a lot but Nofap helped me to clear bad habits)
  • Reduced a lot my consommation of alcohol
  • WAY more energy at the gym
  • Getting more attention from girls
  • More confident, IDGAF attitude
  • In one week, made out with more girls that I did in my life.
  • Lost virginity at day 222
  • Found a girlfriend that actually broke up with her current boyfriend to be with me (natural attraction I guess). Made a real connection like she never felt. But had to broke with her, didn’t felt bad or depressed, on the contrary.
  • Get used to being out of my comfort zone. I love it
  • Voice is deeper, hair grows faster …
  • Worked 2 months for the first time of my life
  • I do no longer feel depressed
  • Literally everything that makes a man in me is back and I fucking love it. I have my balls back and I will never fap again.
  • I feel like I can handle anything that life throws at me. Even in the most difficult times I feel like this is a way to be stronger and I fucking like it.

Now I don’t have a secret tip for you guys, the only thing I did was litterally keep being busy, especially on the first days. And tell yourself you will no longer touch your penis to fap. If you have the knowledge of the superpowers this will be really easy. You want to fap ? Go run instead and look how you feel after. Socialize. Organize events. Do whatever you want that is productive for your life and that you’ll be happy or proud to do.

Good luck fapstronauts, hope this can help you !

TL;DR: Did Nofap, get superpowers, lost virginity.

LINK – 377 days til infinity : my story

by PawelKush