Age 20 – 9 year struggle was worth it


I’ve heard so many stories about guys that give up PMO and find themselves in a dream situation, but I never believed that it could happen to me… Boy was I wrong. 2 months ago I met this super awesome girl, now we are in a serious relationship that I’ve always dreamed about

(We have chosen to practice abstinence, which doesn’t help the situation lol). I also got the job of my dreams where I am projected to triple my income and do what I love. All in this 2.5 months.

I know that this is a really short post, but I want you fellas to know that every struggle is worth it. I have been fighting this addiction for a 9 years now, I also know how it feels to break a year long streak. This crap is hard guys, but real men get it done. So don’t be a quitter, that’s the only way to ensure failure.

Love PBT

[about earlier relapse] It was horrible man. I spiraled out of control and quickly found myself using every day again within a matter of days. Not worth it!

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Just like many of you, I had been stuck in the 3-15 day range for years on end… Getting my hopes up just to be crushed a few short days later. Now I’m on Day 145 and I can’t help but ask myself exactly what makes this time different.

Well, on day 15 I met this super amazing girl… We had so much in common, and I loved being around her so I asked her out! She said yes and we started dating. But one night we were cuddling in my bed and I noticed that she was looking at my ‘porn kills love’ poster on my wall, and I realized that she needed to know. So I told her.. I told her all about the ups and downs and that I was done with that stuff now. Well, she turns to me and tells me that she had struggled with it in Highschool too! Instantly, I knew that she understood the struggle, and the pain, but that I could also look to her as an example of how to beat this horrible addiction. And I did. I know that if I were to watch porn, it would tear her apart, and would affect our trust since we both promised not too.

So that’s what is different… Porn no longer effects just me anymore. The stakes are so much higher, and I couldn’t be happier.

So that’s my tip, if not a girlfriend… Find someone to actually hold you accountable. Put blocks on your phones, take cold showers, pray for strength, exercise everyday do all of it!!! But it is only when the pain of the addiction outweighs the pleasure of fapping IN THE MOMENT that we really change.

That’s all folks

Day 145: Why this time has been different for me