Age 20 – 90 day report: NOFAP is real even when you do not realize it

So the time comes and I want share with you my nofap journey experience. First sorry for my bad English I am not used to write something like this.

STORY: I am 20 years old and I masturbated from about 12 almost everyday (last year’s 2-3x per day). I think now I am quite good looking young man but my main problem is in psyche. I am very introverted and silent in society. In age about 15-18 I had strong social anxiety because of my bad acne. Last 2 years that s lot better I started going to gym, going out with friends but I still did not had girlfriend because I am quite silent and shy. When I find out about nofap I started reading all your positive stories ,watch videos and I was very happy and I thought, that I found the solution for most of my problems (social anxiety, confidence, attraction etc.). That day I wanted to try it out.

DAY 1-30: I started Hard mode (no faping, no porn,e tc) day by day it was quite easy for me I thought i have very strong mind. I was out in days 21-23 and I was confident like never before. I absolutely didn’t care what other thinks. But days 25-27 was very bad for me i felt like total shit my confidence was on 0. It was like your stories after relapse but I didn’t t masturbated. I decided to visit prostitute. It was such a big shame. She started make blowjob and I exploded after 30 second .. 😀 I didn’t have any pleasure from that only insult.

30-80: I started losing my hope in nofap so I decided give it a try to day 90. It was so easy for me I did not have need for masturbation. I started feel some girl attraction, more energy and confidence increase but its everything gradually so you can t realize change day after day.

80-90 These days was hard for me I had strong urges I was playing with my penis more often and I was near relapse almost every day but I wanted made that 90 days.

93 Yes this is my final day of my 1st streak… I came to dorm after school, after unsuccessful exam and I started fapping I don’t know why.. It was really really strong dopamine boom and I fapped about 2-3 more times that day. I did not realize some changes but day after (TODAY) I fapped again 3 times (that dopamine income is so powerful, like never before with sex) and now I feel like total SHIT and I realized NOFAP is real. My energy is like times before when I waste my holidays by sleeping, eating unhealthy, playing games and fapping: This was enough for me and I decided to write this to warn you at your journey if you think nothing changes.


  • energy
  • confidence
  • good mood
  • you can easily leave comfort zone
  • focus
  • productivity

TLDR: I though nofap is bullshit and nothing changed but i realized everything changed after relapse 🙂

So thank you for reading this I want ask you for upvote, this can help someone on flatline 🙂 Today is start of my second streak and I want make it as long as possible.

Some tips: start going to gym, cold showers, don’t play with it, don t think about it, I didn’t have any wet dream .

LINK – 90 day report! NOFAP is real even when you not realize it..

by Duno1235