Age 20 – Anxiety down, confidence up, faster recovery from workouts


I’m 20 y/o. Apart from the increased resistance against illness and improved self-confidence, I never feel anxious anymore about school or social situations or anything. I also heal quicker after doing a workout and whenever I get some kind of setback in my life, I noticed get over it much faster.

UPDATE: The reason I started NoFap is that when my girlfriend cheated, I was determined to not let it destroy me and I thought NoFap would at least help me with. I’m on day 91 now… I think it worked

 A lot changed since I started NoFap… Now it seems like my resistance to illness is unlimited. Another thing that really started changing is my confidence. After around 2 months in NoFap I started feeling a lot more confident. I don’t feel nervous going to social happenings anymore, neither do I feel nervous there. However, maybe I’ve gained a little too much confidence…

Last weekend on Friday (so 7 days ago now) I went out and finally got laid again. It was by a girl that I met before that night, but I always thought she was way out of my league. Let’s call her girl A for now. The combination of NoFap and alcohol really makes me act like a douchebag the nights I go out. I don’t remember exactly what I said to this girl, but I guess I came across pretty much as a douchebag that time. Well, apparently it worked.

The night after it, I went out again to some party where she also happened to be at. When I saw her there, I had a small talk with her there, but I didn’t really pay much attention to her after that. A friend then later asked me to ‘wingman’ him by talking to one of the friends of a girl he liked. I felt way too confident this night and started talking to that friend of hers without hesitation. Let’s call her girl B. So after talking with girl B around 2 minutes, I was already kissing her. However, after kissing her a few times later on that night, girl A saw us.

I didn’t see her face at this moment, but I heard from another friend of me that she wasn’t looking happy at all about it. After some time I wasn’t kissing with girl B anymore and looked at girl A. She was, by the looks of it, kind of desperately trying to go home with another guy, but he didn’t seem to care much. After some time she succeeded and (I think) they went home together. I didn’t see them kiss or anything, just holding hands while they left. I didn’t go home with girl B that night, I just got her number.

The next day I felt terrible with myself. I love the confidence boost I get from NoFap, but I never meant to hurt someone with it. Even though she probably went home with another guy that night, it was most likely a result of me kissing that other girl.

For days I thought about texting to girl A, because I would really like to see her again, but I have no idea what to text her. I think it would come over as weak to text her I am sorry, even though I am… Especially since I showed her so much confidence/douchy behavior before and she seemed to like that. I think saying sorry might even lower my chances of seeing her again, but I have no idea what else I can text… Note that I’m not looking for a relationship with her or any girl, I would just like to just see her again. I’m normally never such a douchebag as how I acted that night… Do you guys have any idea what I should do?

LINK – Day 89… Wow…

by flyhigh16