Age 20 – Anxiety has been reduced by 50% or more

I feel so happy that i finally reached my 90 days a few days ago. Here’s my story for those who are interested. My native language is not English.

I’ve always been a shy guy, not really good in social stuff and girls also. I discovered PMO-ing when I was 13 or 14 i think. The last couple of years I think it really had a bad effect on my anxiety and such. I had little to no self confidence and my face would always (and i mean ALWAYS) turn red. I also have chronical headaches since i was 12. I don’t know if it has anything to do with PMO-ing but this was one of the main reasons I started to try out NoFap.

The first week was really difficult as the tension started to build. I think everybody here knows what I’m talking about. Once I got past that first week I came in a flatline period. This was really scary because in that period of time you start to realise what porn does to your brain. This flatline lasted i think till around 30 days or so.

After that I felt like I was back in week 1. You get more energy, feel stronger and you natural drive is really intense.

One thing that really annoyed me was the wet dreams. They came around day 37. At some point I had almost 3 wet dreams in one week, but fortunately this happened less frequent as i got further.

One thing i learned from this experience is that the power of the mind is incredible. I think my anxiety has been reduced by 50% or more. Meditation really helps. My headaches have been, in combination with professional physiotherapy (is that an English word?), reduced 80% in the last 6 months! Im 20

NoFap alone is not going to help you iIf you are not PMO-ing for 90 days and still not doing something about your life. Make some changes. I started playing the piano again. You need to do something to keep yourself busy!

Thanks for reading this, i know this isn’t the best 90 day report:)

Keep it up everybody!

LINK – Finally, my 90 Day report:)

by nofapper96