Age 20 – Awkwardness gone, clarity, energy, confidence, time for hobbies


Day 100 mark hit yesterday, on Christmas. I’d almost completely forgotten I was this many days in already. Benefits? Well, to start with the clarity, I no longer feel this weird mental fog I used to feel everywhere I went. During workouts, school, etc. I just felt this weird cluttered feeling in my head. Couldn’t focus. Mind was always elsewhere or just not really in the present being sharp. Now, I feel quite alert in everything that I do. The focus is amazing.

Energy to do things. I think this comes from not having worn myself out busting like 5 nuts a night over the course of 12 opened up tabs of porn on my phones browser (lmfao). I started sleeping a lot better and aren’t expending so much energy through orgasm (it really wears you out).

Confidence because I no longer feel this weird, dirty, guilty feeling on my persona. I used to go out kind of feeling really low about myself. Sometimes thinking when I’d see hot girls how much they’d be disgusted if they knew about my habit. Now, I don’t have that issue. I’m also no longer a slave to lust so I can just see them as people and not sex objects and stop putting them on a pedestal and performing for them and hold decent conversations, not caring so much about making a wonderful impression and tiptoeing over what I say so they’ll like me. Now I just throw my authentic self out there. If they like it, cool, if not, whatever.

During my last few weeks of this semester in college I really saw this take effect. My rapport was better not just with girls and having fun conversations but even making friends in general was a lot easier.

More time to pursue tasks and hobbies as opposed to waiting around yanking it to all those tabs opened up on my phones browser, or waiting for some girl to finally do something in the free chatrooms online which we all know can take freakin’ hours, I actually went off and jumped into all the self-improvement books, YouTube videos, and subreddits. Really started working on picking up new skills like guitar, followed subs like /r/seddit and /r/theredpill and really improved my dating game. Also started learning cyrillic to start learning a 3rd language, Russian. Got back into hiking and my workouts are insanely better now.

Feels like it. I noticed I could remember things a lot better since I could focus more in class, am doing a lot better with people and especially girls, picked up an instrument and have been playing songs now in the 100 days that I got on NoFap, have improved my fitness and am weighing 134 lbs. and deadlifting 315 lbs. for sets of 10 reps, squatting 300, and benching 265, overhead pressing 155 (more than my bodyweight), doing 112 pushups and 28 pull-ups.

My skin has cleared up due to not throwing my hormones off balance, I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge, and so forth from using up this opportunity to get my life back on track and put the time I was wasting jacking off and watching porn to improve myself.

It’s pretty cool stuff.

I’m 20 years old. What really led me to NoFap was this guilty feeling I’d get whenever I’d look in the mirror after getting a fix. That, and all the  acne I was getting from throwing my hormones off balance. I’ve taken pictures most of the journey to compare it. It’s insanely better compared  to how it used to be. That and the problem I’d developed from watching porn so much that I couldn’t look at any girl without having really bad,  dirty thoughts about her and in turn being awkward as hell whenever I’d actually talk to them. When I stopped I no longer felt such things and  look at them more like people and am no longer all awkward with them because of it.

I was also tired of wasting so much time fapping when I could do so much better with my life.

I just gotta say that it’s been pretty effortless. The main thing really is just finding ways to eliminate sources of stress, and find ways to deal with the stress that’s inevitable and find good past times.

Replacing an old habit with a new one, filling your time up, developing healthy habits, having goals, eliminating social media, etc.

Good stuff. Really am liking all the benefits of this journey. A lot more clarity, energy, confidence, and time to pursue other tasks and hobbies and seek self-improvement online or through books instead of jacking the fuck off until I have a buff right arm and a lanky left one.

One day at a time.

Next milestone is day 120.

LINK – Day 100.

By JFMX1996