Age 20 – Brain fog gone, conversation is smooth, eye contact solid


I’m a 20 year old male and this is my first time beeing at 45 days without PMO. My previous streak was at 33 I have been feeling a slight tingle and urge combined with my brain trying to trick me into PMO’ing the last couple of days.

I’m at a crucial stage where I need some guidence and tips on how to continue to live this fantastic lifestyle.

This part is not relevant to the thread, its just how I achieved 45 days + benefits so far, if anyone is curious

Started of pretty normal, getting through the first couple of days is always the hardest. After that it went relatively fine. Had a wet dream @ 14 days ish, which helped on the urges abit. @30 days, I went to a concert and met this AMAZING girl.. I took her back to my place, and we had some really good sex. Just gotta say that my previous sex encounters have been somewhat a disaster. I’ve either finished too fast, or havent been able to get it up. I think the 30 days really helped me with lasting longer and getting a huge sex drive. I’ve heard that the pleasure from porn comes from inside your head, and this definitely proves it for me.

7 days later (day 37) I met up with this girl again, sober. I was really nervous because we didnt get to know each other properly at the concert, so I had no idea how it would go. Before I started NoFap, I was a guy with really low self-esteem and confidence. Couldn’t look people in the eye properly etc. I was expecting the date to last maximum 2 hours due to my anxiety. To my suprise it was by far the best date (do I dare to say best day?) of my life. We spent a total amount of 9 hours together, doing everything from talking, walking in the park, eat dinner, drink coffee etc. Conversation was so god damn smooth and eye contact was solid. She laughed everytime I tried to mix some humour into the conversation, which does not happen often. Smug, witty comments and lines are key to making a girl attracted to you I guess. The lack of brainfog were so clear to me, whenever I came up with something funny. No awkward moments or anything. Clock ticked 10pm and she had to catch the train home (she lives 1 hour away from my city). She ended saying: > Hey zJayoo, I don’t wanna leave you just yet, do you wanna grab one more coffee?

And we spent another 1 hour together. It was just amazing.

Later that day she took the train back to my city to meet up because she wanted to go clubbing. We ended the night with sex at my place. So another release. Just gotta say that I encourage everyone to go for this lifestyle instead of PMO’ing with yourself 2 times a day. It’s alot more fulfulling to your soul.

So, from day 37-45, I’ve had some trouble with my urges. Because I had to go back to the place I study which is 4 hours away from her city, and 5 hours away from my hometown. What do I do from here?

TL;DR Met an amazing girl which I hit it off with due to my NoFap progress and benefits, she lives 4 hours away, and can’t help me with my urges, what to do?

PS: Sorry for the gramatical errors, english is not my mother tounge. This also became quite a text of wall, just wanted to share my story.

LINK – I am in a place where I really need guidance right now. First time I’m this far in my journey. (Benefits + how I got here in a seperate section)

By zJayo