Age 20 – Brutal withdrawal, but my confidence came booming back


I’m 20 years old and I had a low self image and also depression and anxiety. Never thought I’d make it this far through NoFap in my life nor did I ever think I’d participate. So much has changed for me in these days.  I’ll go through the pros: For me the withdrawal symptoms hit hard as fuck.

I was getting flatline upon flatline including severe depression, anxiety, irritably, fatigue, extreme brain fog, etc… but once you get through that, it’s a breeze.

My libido came back stronger than ever, I have more energy then I have ever had in my life, my confidence came booming back (I felt more attractive, and it felt like a got the ability to socialize with girls like never before. I used this new energy to change some aspects of my life so I started going to the gym and changing my perspective on life to be a lot more positive. I lost 50 lbs in this process and feel better than ever. I even found a girlfriend that makes me feel good about myself.

Basically it’s definitely worth making a lifestyle change and here’s some tips if you are struggling: 1.) never touch yourself no matter how much you want to: it will indefinitely lead to a relapse and only touch yourself in the shower to clean and when you pee 2.) cold showers: I take cold showers every night and it definitely eases urges plus it has numerous health benefits 3.) exercise: this is key cause it helps with the depression and makes you feel good about yourself. Whenever you feel the urge just go to the gym 4.) unfollow all models or hot girls you follow on social media like insta: they make urges stronger and definitely don’t help 5.) SOCIALIZE: this is by far one of the best tips because it’ll get you used to talking to people and keep you occupied during withdrawal

I hope this helps anyone throughout their journey and good luck to everyone!

LINK – 267 days later…

By akig


UPDATE – My 1 year report with advice

1 year…. I️ never thought I’d say that. Before I️ started this journey I️ never thought I️ would get into NoFap. For me, PMO was an addiction that started to get out of hand. From the crippling loneliness to the severe depression to the anxiety, I️ thought I️ was far beyond change. Then I️ stumbled across NoFap and vowed that I️ would do my best to do something about myself.

This journey is not for the faint of heart. It is tough, and will kick you down even when you are already down. You have to be willing to make some extreme lifestyle changes in order to make it this far. Throughout this article, I️ will give some useful tips and what I️ went through during this ordeal.

So to begin, relapsing is not a bad thing. Relapsing is simply a mistake that many fapstronaughts make because of one little slip or urge. It happens to all of us. Before my streak, I️ relapsed maybe a total of 10 times before I️ decided it was enough. In order to combat the urges I️ did many things that I️ will get into in a little bit.

The next thing was the withdrawal symptoms I️ felt when I️ began. Days 1 to 120 were the worst for me. I️ had very brief periods of happiness during that time but when I️ did feel them, it motivated me to keep going. Some symptoms I felt were extreme irritability, severe depression with suicidal thoughts included (doesn’t happen for everyone), anxiety, restlessness, crippling loneliness, the feeling of something missing, brain fog (this one still happens even to this day), social withdrawal, and just anger. This sounds bad but what you get after is definitely worth the ordeal.

Now the so-called “superpowers” you get aren’t actually superpowers and I’ll tell you that now. The reason you get this is because you stop “treating yourself” with PMO and use that energy and newly found sex drive towards actual woman. For me, I️ got large libido, increased confidence, more periods of happiness, I️ actually felt my emotions (which is actually a good thing believe it or not), and I️ was more social with the opposite gender.

Now whenever I️ felt the withdrawal symptoms or an urge, the following are things I️ did to keep going:

1.) Whenever I️ felt an urge, I️ went out and distracted myself. You can’t just sit in a room with a laptop and phone and expect not to wind up browsing for porn or a picture. Even today I️ still get urges that are strong but I️ know what to do in order to forget about them

2.) Cold Showers – these were an absolute savior for me many many times. If you get an urge, jump in an ice cold shower and it will keep you mindful and make the urge pass.

3.) Exercise – this was another big one because I️ used the gym for all of the sexual urges I️ felt. It was something to redirect that energy towards

4.) Meditation – this was another big one for me. It helped ease the depression I️ felt and allowed me to see things from a different perspective. I️ highly recommend the app “Headspace” if you’re willing to meditate.

5.) Go out – meeting people and hanging out with friends can help with urges cause you can’t PMO around people. Plus socializing is proven to make people happier.

6.) Research – I️ have done extensive research into porn addiction and the effect it can have on your brain and it’s not good. Seeing this in many articles helped me keep going and also prevented a relapse at many times because I️ knew it would set me back.

7.) Know that whatever you’re feeling is temporary. The feelings of withdrawal always subside eventually. You must just keep moving forward.

The journey is filled with ups and downs but in the end, just know that you’re not alone with this journey as we have this forum to help guide us.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask and I️ can give any advice that people need.

Good luck to the rest of you!! As for me, I’m going to keep going and see what else life without PMO has to offer.