Age 20 – Confidence I never had before, love for life


You ever start a streak with the feeling that this is going to be the one? That’s the streak I’m on. Here I am on day 192 a completely new person with confidence in myself that I never had before. Those who are struggling this is a message that it does get better with time and perseverance. If you relapse pick yourself up and continue this streak is a result of many relapses.

I’m 20 I quit because i needed a core change in my life. A sub conscious feeling of not living up to my true potential turned into a conscious feeling of not living to my true potential and it started with me quitting porn. I’ve been using porn since 6th grade potentially 5th.

I have a fetish and there is change in my brain because I don’t view it and receive a reward from it anymore.  It triggers me but I never PMO.

Brain fog has cleared mostly, unless I partake in activities that create brain fog, like video games and negative thinking.

Regarding ED I have no sexual experience so I can’t help you there. Benefits have been a more pure conscience. I feel girls can sense my new pure self. I am more confident, more energy, focus, willpower, love for life, happier. Also since quitting PMO I also have dropped other unhealthy habits that circled around my PMO use like negative self talk, video games and procrastination.

LINK – Day 192

By mainer343


UPDATE – Day 350 +

Hey guys I’m happy I made it so far wow! Just like many of you I was a slave to porn. It had me on LOCK. I found nofap and accepted that in order for me to truly live a better quality of life I had to quit. My confidence has increased x100. I’m more grounded and spiritual. I’m wayyyy more manly. Much more focus and clarity. I take more action with women. I have less fear. It’s time to quit porn forever this isn’t just 30 days or 90 days. If you want true freedom then leave porn in the past.


UPDATE – Day 365! What!!

When I found Nofap I was a drug addict, low confidence, and a porn addict. I was broken, and when you are at your lowest you look for any glimpse of hope to cling to. That was Nofap. After 2 years of Nofap and many relapses I am happy to say I finally have reached 365 days.

I am no longer using porn or drugs, my spirit is strengthened, I found God, and have an abundant amount of confidence in myself than I did before.

[I have] more focus, clarity, much more spiritual, more energy, and I can see who is good energy to be around for the most part and who is not. Also I stand up for myself now. [I’m] much more confident, my face looks more attractive, I feel more positive, and more energy overall. At first it was hard for me to sleep at night because of all this new energy from not using porn and masturbating.

I relapsed so many times I can’t count. It comes down to you actually wanting to quit honestly, it’s a decision I made after realizing I’m a much better person without porn than with it. I remember being around day 4 or 6 on this streak about to relapse, I said to my self “Is this going to be another one of those fake streaks or do really want to live a better life?”

The greatest shift for me was day 60. But in the beginning day 1-30 was insane for me to achieve! Like WOAH 30 days! After day 115 (WOW thats alot of days) it starts to become the norm and I didnt even think about going back to porn because life is just so much better without it for me.

Day 200- Wow!!! I’m so close to a year! I had already changed so much. But I was getting insane demonic urges to relapse, NO JOKE. Day 300s- Actually thought about relapse out of boredom, am a completely NEW person by the way. Boredom is bad for us humans. I started having a lot of wet dreams around 200+ maybe once a month with wet dreams. It’s random really. I’m on monk mode.

A great tip is to exercise really, whenever I would get intense urges I would either exercise or just sit in the URGE. It’s really hard insane shit really. Porn addiction is no joke, cold showers are a blessing in disguise and good for you. Meditation is ok I guess. But really its all on you to make an active choice, DO I WANT TO LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE or continue to live a life I know is not HEALTHY?