Age 20 – Connected with long-time crush


5 years ago I got to High School, I was 15 and I had a gf, long lasting relationship, PMOing as you guessed. There was this interesting, wonderful, blond girl, I knew at that time that she was different, her name is Lucile. She also had a boyfriend, an arrogant asshole. I broke up with my ex for some reasons, Lucile was in my class and we talked as friends.

The next year there was a trip in Spain organized by the high school, we had to take the bus for 12 hours so I took my chance. She accepted that I spent the journey next to her, it was great, she slept on my shoulder but she was always texting with her bf. There was no way to go further, you name it: friendzoned! Whenever I saw her she was talking about him. She even invited me to an event and he was there, it was awful. After the high school I moved to another city for two years, we were texting sometimes but nothing else. Oh wait I discovered NoFap lol. I read self development books about self confidence and about the law of attraction. I was praying, meditating, exercising… got my two years degree, something like a HND in electricity. I am, since September, in an engineering school 500 kilometers away from her, I had a few relationships and so she did, another arrogant, I hated him but I was still thinking about her. I got an accident with my knee, crossed ligaments. Hard time, I stopped a lot of things but never lose hope with her, NoFap helped me a lot, my longest strike is 85 days but I am working on it. Surgery time, next to my hometown where she is studying.

When I woke up after the operation, guess who was there? Lucile, an angel, I could not believe it. She was even the only one to visit me!

So we spoke, she finally broke up with that boy so I finally told her about my feelings from the beginning. She was shocked, she told me that she never suspected it, that I was mysterious and she was interested but because of my behavior, the fapper one as we would say, I wasn’t able to tell her. She told me that she has regrets also and it would have been different. We are texting, last weekend we got to a restaurant and tonight she is coming guys… I will take my time but I just wanted to tell you that nothing is impossible, I had a low esteem of myself and I wasn’t even myself. We have to stop this shit, for real, we are missing so many opportunities… I am not going to make it, we are! I will be with her, get my degree and in 2018, I will run 1000 kilometers.

Wish me luck! Ps: sorry for the mistakes, 1st post. Love from France my brothers.

EDIT Thank you guys, you are amazing! I didn’t expect that reaction and it is a pleasure to read your comments. Everything went perfectly, after the pizzas we watched a movie. We were close, I had my arm around her neck and she passed her hand under my shirt (softly) so I kissed her. My heart stopped at that moment lol, it was pure harmony. After the movie she stayed to sleep, there was snow and it was late but I don’t think it’d have changed anything after all. We talked for hours, kissing, laughing… we did not take off our clothes completely because we want to take our time to make it. We agreed on that. Finally sleeping against her after all these years man.. can’t find my words. She just left after the breakfast, we are together and the best is to come.

2018 is going to be our years guys! NoFap everyday! we are making the change and I hope one day this porn shit will be defeated. Force et bravoure!

[Post date] Best night ever! everything went good! For me, [the big benefits are] looking people in the eyes and feeling the stress around the people, NoFap makes you real. It allows you to do things as they were meant to be. I am 20!

I have been a long time on this sub, it helped me a lot and I thought it’d be great to tell my story after all

LINK – 5 years later

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UPDATE – My mind is getting so clear!

Hey mates! How are you today? I want to talk about my experience here, I think it is the longest streak I have done without edging at all and I feel so goood! Here’s my biggest benefit:

Healthy habits are coming by themselves, effortlessly. I mean, I wake up early without efforts, I meditate just like that. I deleted a lot of shits like Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder and I don’t take my phone when hanging out, I don’t even use it as an alarm. I feel alive! I read every day, I am learning an instrument, training my Spanish skills and improving my English. I eat healthier, I have stopped eating meat but that is more personal, stopped drinking alcohol too and I give my blood whenever it is possible. I don’t force myself to go to the gym, just listening some Wu Tang or Damso and going hard! Cardio every morning before writing my program for the day and so on… Morning wood is back, missed it sooo much! It’s maybe happiness after all.

We are nearly 300k and I wanted to thank you again for making me laugh, for your experiences… let’s do this brothers!!