Age 20 – DE, PIED completely gone. I really do feel like a new person


In the beginning I couldn’t feel anything during sex and certainly couldn’t ejaculate. Couldn’t get hard. Wasn’t interested in sex at all at times. Sometimes I’d be half hard and would just fake an ejaculation so sex could be over. Now it feels absolutely incredible. 1000% better. It’s unbelievable how good it feels, even with a condom. And when you go raw? Unreal…

1) I have always been very social, but when it would come to taking action with girls, I would always let them lead me instead of the other way around. I wasn’t social awkward, but I couldnt make string eye contact or be sexually intense with them

2) I’ve always been ambitious, but I was a dreamer. Now I’m extremely motivated to take action in my life and do what I want to fucking do. I now take life by the horns

3) 2-3 times a day. In the morning, afternoon, and before bed

4) I used to really objectify women, now I absolutely love talking to them and hearing their voices and touching their skin (how creepy is that ;)). I was always like “yea I’ll be rich” but never took action. My mood was also like a Disney rollercoaster every day. All that’s changed now and I feel absolutely incredible

5)It’s crucial you put that sexual energy into something. Channel it. When you get those urges, do something high intensity (go for a run, cold shower, yelling at the top of your lungs) really shock your brain. Also get away from where it is you are and remove that trigger. If a girl triggered it, go freaking talk to her, use that confidence of yours. Also journalling helps a lot. I use Evernote and when a really strong urge comes up I’ll write in my nofap journal about how I feel and get my thoughts on the page. Probably the best thing I’ve ever done as I go back and reread through the journey I’ve been on

6)I want to have better sex. I couldn’t feel anything during sex and I certainly couldn’t ejaculate. I had PIED. Could barely get hard. Couldn’t bust. I really just wanted sex to be over so I’d fake a nut.. it was bad. It’s absolutely completely gone now. I didn’t have sex until day 120ish and it was completely gone then. No problems at all. I wanted to rid myself of all addiction, become the best version of myself, have an insane amount of confidence and motivation, and really just try it out. But once I tried it I could never go back to the old me. So here I am 😀

By day 30 I was flatlining. By day 70 I was feeling great. By day 90 I was so driven to get things done. Day 120 I had forgot about fapping. I went from hyper arousal, to no arousal at all (flatline), the to natural arousal. I’m completely content with where I am. Being excessively horny all the time sucks.

I would highly recommend going 60-90 with out any sexual release (hardmode). I say this because you will undergo some very fundamental changes that will drastically improve your life. Your brain must decrease the straight of the wiring between the neurons responsible for your dopamine rush from fapping. Abstaining from all sexual intercourse will greatly greatly reduce the amount of time that process takes.

It’s a slow process. Don’t think of it as a destination. You’re not going anywhere. You’re embarking on an endless, joyous journey that will be the catalyst and create a snowball effect of changing your life.

I’m way more confident, feeling relaxed all the time, respecting myself (huge), actually wanting to talk to other people, being more positive and optimistic, and having a not give a fuck mentality

I don’t jack off/fap/masturbate period. I don’t watch porn. And I have sex on a weekly basis. But in the beginning (up to day 100) I wasn’t having sex regularly. Really the best tip I could give for a successful streak is have sex. Wait 60-90 days for the boot up period then have sex. No way in hell could I go this long with out blowing my load. We were literally born to reproduce, so give yourself that opportunity to. I found is that nofap gave me the tools to go talk to women, and the desire to bed them. I started with no fuck buddies, now I have a couple. Just enjoy the journey, and you’ll be who you want to be.

I do do semen retention. Very helpful. I feel I have more attention from women now that I have regular sex because I come from a state of abundance. I’m not needy and desperate to get sex, so I don’t want anything from the girl. Which is all the more desirable to a girl because it shows a man in his prime, who is social proofed by other women wanting to have sex with him.

Nofap really is an upward spiral

I want to be horny for women. I am a sexual being (a human being) that has a drive for sex. Once I accepted that, my life became less of a struggle from seeing sex as bad and dirty, to joyous and natural part of life that will inevitably happen.

I have sex with the same couple of girls every so often. I am much more successful with women. Way way way more. They are more “magically” drawn to me, but I hate saying that. There’s certain reasons why they are: I’m much more confident I’m much more relaxed I have a I don’t give a fuck mentality I’m way more intense in my interaction with women (louder voice, laser beam eye contact, and sexually charged) I feel alpha male I have a purpose and goals and I’m going to achieve them I’m happier and more present I don’t stare at their boobs while I talk to them (objectify) I’m comfortable around them I walk with confidence

You’ll notice these too. But don’t look at them at magic. Analyze what is actually happening and use that deduction from that analysis as a tool and use it.

I thought sex  would drain me too, but it doesn’t. It’s more passionate and emotional than beating off to your hand.

Removed: Fapping Drinking Smoking Eating sugar Eating junk food Coffee Social media

Added: 80/20 Diet (80% veggies and whole grains, 20% meat) Gym Practicing talking with girls Meditation Yoga Reading

I feel like I could do anything.

My face looks way more defined and chiseled. My body also looks very manly and tone (I work out a lot tho). My acne cleared up. My posture is better and I stand up much more straight. And my dick grew about .5 an inch longer.

But these can be credited to other things. Working out, eating better, getting older (I’m 20), kegels, and yoga. But nonetheless k look “put together” which i give credit solely to nofap because it acted as a catalyst for all those other habits.

I’ve never been fat, and never been like a twig. I am a happy mix between the both (mesomorph). I was tone as I played competitive soccer, but now I am much stronger, tone, and built. And dense. I’m fucking heavy for my appearance lol

I remember things better and my memory is better. Like during the time when I was fapping it’s all kind of hazy. Now I can remember much better and more clearly. I’d say I also learn faster, but that’s because I am motivated to learn more. I’m much more alert and present in general

Really the biggest battle was the battle against my self. Not listening to my brain when it wanted to relapse. My brain would want to fap and watch porn, and the biggest battle would be taking those thoughts out and listening to my mind.

My mind would want to not fap and knew why I shouldn’t, but my brain would continue to send thoughts or fapping and porn to my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, you WILL get more girls, but that’s because they’re you’re only release and youre much much more perceptive of them. When you masturbate all the time, your brain is in a constant “content” state. You’re always sexually satisfied. When you’re not fapping, this gradually goes away after awhile. Being programmed and wired to have sex, your body will crave it and actively seek it. This is why I say have sex. It’s natural and everyone does it. It also helps rewire your brain to not seek out porn anymore, but intimacy with women

Men are attracted by physical qualities (we all know this lol), but obsessing over these qualities can and will lead to objectifying women.

I find that I’m much more noticing of subtle qualities girls have, like their smile right off the bat. Yes I’ll see a hot girl and admire her sexyness (keyword is admire. Like ancient Greek art), talk to her, and enjoy her energy and presence, smile, hair flips, cute things she says and does. It’s very very enjoyable

Biggest benefit? Being at peace with myself​. I really do feel like a new person. I feel like the “old me” was just a hazy part of my life.

You will ejaculate faster. But the catcher is you can be ready to go again much quicker (in my experience). I can bust, then play with and tease her a bit, then get myself ready to go again. It’s.much like watching porn, busting, then quickly then quickly wanting to do it again after a short while (chaser affect) Everyone does have different sex drives however.

I do kegels though. Which IMO is the single best thing to do to last longer. Nofap + kegels = not even fair results

LINK – I haven’t masturbated in 427 days. AMA.

By ToastedTree