Age 20 – Deeper voice, vivid dreams, very productive, no stress or depression


I finally made it 90 days of hard mode!!!!!! This is the cleanest streak I have ever had because I didn’t have a single wet dream. I’m going to be completely honest about the changes and get straight to the point.


  • Extreme energy. I definitely feel extreme energy , I
    don’t yawn anymore as if I have a constant flow of
    energy going in my body and not losing energy.
  • Reduced social anxiety. I have always been shy
    and socially anxious around people since PMO. Now to be honest, it just improved a 30% because I still struggle a bit to make eye contact with girls, but it’s getting better, I have been addicted 7 years
    to hard core PMO, so it may take longer .
  • More optimistic. I now take life easy and always think positive when it comes to an important decision or the simple idea of making a business.
  • Better facial appearance. This one, I noticed it a looot. My face now is oily and shiny. My eyes look more brighter too. In general, I have good skin now whereas when I was relapsing, I had a dry face with dark expressionless eyes, like a zombie.
  • No stress and depression. Literrally, I don’t have stress anymore when I have an exam or something important, and my depression
    improved a lot.
  • Very productive. I don’t waste my time anymore playing video games , watching You tube or social media. Now I’m reading a lot of books related with wealth and self improvement.
  • Confidence. I feel 50% more confident than before. My eye contact with people improved and my friends respect me more than before.
  • Music sounds better. This is for sure my dopamine receptors getting fixed but now I can feel the music with my whole body, the same high as weed although I don’t smoke nor I drink alcohol.
  • Deeper voice. My voice somehow got deeper and louder , but not too much because my voice is already deeper.
  • Very vivid dreams. This is specially something I also noticed a lot. I have really vivid dreams where I’m flying and it feels sooo good, and the best thing is that they happen to me frequently whereas before nofap I never had this dreams, only nightmares.

100-day update·] Feeling like a million bucks ! I’m 20 years old and the main reason why I tried NoFap is because of my social anxiety , low confidence and poor eye contact with people. Since I started this journey my confidence and social anxiety improved a lot but I still need some time to get 100% cured. I have been addicted 7 years to hardcore PMO so this may take some time but I’m definitely starting to feel the reboot taking action. In my posts, you can find my 90 day report and all the benefits I experienced. From day 90 to now day 100 the benefit I started to feel more is more vivid dreams like it feels very real. After these dreams I always wake up exhausted and happy. God bless you !

Thank you so much guys for the support and motivation, I could never do this without you , I have been waiting a lot for this day to come after 2 years of relapses.

I wish you the best of luck and every success in your life !

LINK – I can’t believe it 90 days !!!!!

By Ismaf458