Age 20 – Defeated social anxiety, I’ve become a quick thinker


I’m 20 years old and when I was no longer able to sleep without watching porn for 2 hour and jack off before bed was when I realized I HAD an addiction. Benefits:

1. Finally was able to defeat social anxiety.
2. Have become a quick thinker
3. Voice got deeper
4. Better grades
5. I smile for no reason sometimes

My greatest tip would be exercising everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY, even if it’s just for 7 minutes. Just get physical, get out of your bed and workout, you’ll never regret it. If you can’t go to gym because of time issues then workout at home.

Download this app, and do the full body exercise everyday. Do it early in the morning before you leave for work/college as it will give you an early boost for the day and it is only 7 minutes long.

Trust me when you reach 90 you’ll never want to go back ever again.

The best thing about nofap is that it gets easier. Once you reach day 21, you’ve broken the habit and now you just have to resist the urges which is really easy in comparison to day 3 or 7.

Finally best of luck to you’ll who are trying to overcome this habit and want to change their life, I hope you’ll succeed.

LINK – Finally made 90 days hardmode today after trying for a year?

By PunkMark