Age 20 – Delayed Ejaculation cured – I have more motivation, a better memory, increased confidence, and my brain fog is almost completely gone


For those who are struggling or still not sure if they want to go porn free, JUST DO IT. Your future self will thank you for making one of the best fucking decisions of your life. I can honestly say this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Let me start by saying I’ve been lurking this sub for about the past 5 months. I haven’t posted or commented on anything but I’ve finally started seeing real progress in my life and I’d like to share it with all of you.

How I got to r/pornfree: Late last fall, I had been getting intimate with a girl I go to college with. We’d often go out to the bars and then stumble back to my place for some drunken sex. Most of the time we had sex, I wasn’t able to finish even though she was very pretty. I usually chalked this failure up to me being piss drunk. Occasionally though we would do it while I was sober and I still couldn’t finish. One instance sticks out to me in particular: We were laying in my bed and she said, “I wish I could make you cum. I just feel like I’m not pretty enough or I’m not doing something right.” This really hit home for me and I knew that something was wrong, though I didn’t know it was caused by my daily PMO sessions.

Fast forward to winter break: Day in and day out I go to my shit job and then go home, put a dip in, and play video games for 3 hours. At this point I was PMO’ing daily still and had a death grip like I was trying to furiously sand a piece of wooden furniture. My brain fog was so bad that I felt like I couldn’t control my life. I had a difficulty speaking to strangers, I had lost all my confidence, and generally felt like I was living life in a bubble. One night I was scrolling through twitter and by chance I stumbled upon a forum on (similar to YBOP). I can honestly say reading this forum about men who had quit PMO’ing changed my life. I realized that my inability to finish with a real girl, my lack of confidence, brain fog, and overall shitty feeling and depression stemmed from my excessive PMO.

Since that day I’ve been porn free (almost to 6 months now) and I’ve cut my masturbation down from 7 times a week to 1-2 times a week (working on going full no fap now). Several weeks ago, I was able to bust a nut with that same girl from earlier in my story (now my girlfriend). It was a huge milestone for me in this journey that I no longer have to rely on porn and my hand to get me off. On top of that, I have more motivation, a better memory, increased confidence, and my brain fog is almost completely gone.

20 years old. I’ve PMO’d once daily since I was about 14 or 15 years old.

LINK – Making Progress – 5 Months Porn Free

by 4teez4dayz